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Why Self Confidence is crucial and how to build it

Improve self confidenceIt is ironical that with all the competition, in our upbringing, we are often not taught how to handle failure. Respect is sometimes mistaken as fear. Instead of using a mistake as a learning experience we are penalized for it.

Individuals evolving under these unfortunate circumstances often end up lacking one of the key ingredients in having a successful career and professional development- self confidence. And trust us, confidence has nothing to do with using the right deodorant or toothpaste before an interview, as many TV commercials would have you believe. It is a quality of your personality, not your hygiene products!

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8 Reasons how and why Positive Attitude at work is a crucial soft skill

Positive Attitude at work

No one can sanely argue that a cheerful disposition is a bad thing. When was the last time you voluntarily hung out with someone with doomsday like clouds hanging over them? It’s like asking for a shot of antivallium. Our workplaces are filled with competition, stress, demands and diminishing human regard. And with so many negative emotions floating about in the bull-pens, it is no wonder that a pleasing personality, among the raging bulls, brings in the much needed touch of humanity.

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7 Self Management Skills every Manager should have

Self Management SkillsIf a manager is ever told that he could only have one soft skill and one soft skill only, he needs to be absolutely clear that it be that of self-management (Read List of key skills for Managers and Employees). Why? ‘Coz if you were given three wishes, wouldn’t you use one of them to get three more and so on and so on? A clever loop hole!

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7 crucial skills every Project Manager should have

Project management skillsIt is one thing to lead a team of people with similar expertize. It is a whole other to handle projects that involve a medley of team members from various backgrounds, coming together to accomplish a goal in a set amount of time, with a set number of resources, a set number of people and finally of course a set amount of budget.

A Project Manager, alternatively referred to as the PM (not to be confused with the PM), has the responsibility to assure successful completion of projects involving all that and more.

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Public speaking champion talks about the secret weapon in his training toolkit

Public Speaking Skills

After winning the title of the best public speaker in India, Aditya Maheswaran went on to represent the country in the 2015 world championship in Las Vegas (USA) and was declared 1st runner up.

Read how this IT-professional-turned-consultant made a mark at the international level: Indian MBA graduate shines in World Championship of Public Speaking.

Raw talent, passion for the art and a desire to excel are the basic ingredients that any champion must have. But unless there’s a guide or mentor who can channelize it all in the right direction, you’ll never discover the magic proportion.

The secret weapon in Aditya’s training toolkit which helped him do exactly that was a volunteer-run organisation called Toastmasters. It may sound like a wine-tasting club to those who haven’t heard about it earlier. It’s not. Its aim is to help members improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

Even if you aren’t preparing for an public speaking competition, you can still benefit from having strong communication skills and interpersonal skills. The ability to grip an audience and give them a peek into your brilliant mind is an invaluable and powerful skill to have.

We invited Aditya to share some insights on how the Toastmasters process works. He also talks about how he helps professionals tap into their dormant leadership potential.

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