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Risk Management and Internal Control Careers

Risk management careersWhat does a Risk and Internal controls manager do? Is it a good career option? How does one get into it? What are the traits of a good risk manager?

Venkatesh S heads the Head of the Risk Management and Internal Control department of a leading MNC.

He shares his journey from being a commerce graduate to leading the crucial function in one of the biggest companies in India.

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What is bitcoin and how does it work?

Have you heard about Bitcoin? And clueless as to what it is? Then read this primer to know all about Bitcoin – a currency revolution that is slowly taking over the internet transactions. I have written this piece keeping my grandma in mind, so hopefully, you shouldn’t face too much difficulty in grasping it.   … Read more

How students can manage their money in college

Financial Planning for Students

In an earlier article, Manishree Gupta shared her interesting career change story. If you haven’t read it, here’s the link – How I changed my career from Physiotherapy to Financial Planning

In this post, Manishree puts on her financial planner’s hat and shares tips with students on how to cultivate money management skills at an early age.


How middle class students can manage money in college

by Manishree Gupta

So, you must have heard of the ever famous book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. Possibly read it as well. In the fortunate case of the latter, you are aware that money, although limited in quantity, can be ‘managed’ in a ‘skilled’ manner. Lose no heart, if you don’t write Ambani or Birla as your last name. Me neither! It is all about optimization. Agreed, it is easier to cry on a BMW than a bicycle, but while we can afford a bicycle, let’s make the two wheeler ride worthwhile while we go on buying our own BMWs!

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How I got into a Finance career after completing a Physiotherapy degree

Engineers do it all the time i.e. leave their academic specialisation behind to move into unrelated careers. But it’s natural for eyebrows to get raised when you hear about someone who has excelled in her professional degree and then had second thoughts about whether that’s the career she wants for the rest of her life. … Read more

From an Indian Railways TTE job to Chartered Accountant: Career Change Story

Indian Railways Jobs to Chartered Account
Members of the ‘flying squad’ have special powers. They can move around disguised as lesser mortals, swoop down without warning on law-breakers and catch them red-handed. Their ultimate goal is to bring order back to a chaotic system.

Cool job, right?

As a Train Ticket Examiner in the Indian Railways, Priyank Shrivastava did that (along with several other roles) for over 6 years. Then he thought it was time to move on to a more mainstream role.

Among the hurdles that stood in his way, was an exam that was notoriously tough to clear.

Priyank shares his phenomenal career change story which starts in a small town and ends in a big city – with plenty of action in between.

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My career as an Indian female IT auditor

Audit in India is a career generally dominated by Chartered Accountants and the big four firms – Deloitte, Ernst & Young (E&Y), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and KPMG.

Neha Sharma, an auditor who now has an international career with a leading big-4 audit firm, managed to break into the field with an engineering degree + MBA.

She writes about what it means to be an IT auditor, how she got into the field after engineering, the pros and cons of a career in audit and more.

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