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How to get into the Travel Industry

Kashmir to Kanyakumari or Bombay to Goa, India’s tourism has a fair share of attractions. Globally popular destinations like the Taj Mahal or the banks of Varanasi bring in the internationally curious traveler to its shores every year. A spiritual and historical destination, the travel and tourism sector in India makes over $200 billion contribution … Read more

How to get into Advertising?

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time. ~ Wise words from Henry Ford, one of the pioneering business minds of the twentieth century. Anyone serious about making his business his livelihood knows how important it is to spread the word to its consumers – be it paid or otherwise. … Read more

How to get into Research and Development careers

How to get into Research and Development

How far can you seek to gain an expertise in an area of study? In earnestness, you can never truly master a field and one can continue to learn and unearth new information till the end of their lifetime.

However, the ability to think about a subject independently truly only arrives for most by the time they are ready to pursue unanswered aspects of the field through research.

Most people, with such an ambition, reach such an ability through the machinery of education, with Bachelor’s and Master’s culminating in a PhD plus further. For all among them who choose to consider a career advancing in the same pursuit, Research and Development is a good career option.

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How to get into Equity Research

Imagine being told to invest your hard-earned money in say stocks, by throwing a dice in a roulette machine. Whether you are a trader in a firm, or even an average Balvinder from a remote Indian city with a yet unchanged name, the chances of ever seeing that money invested and returned with benefits will … Read more

How to join the Indian Navy?

We have previously covered the topic of making a glorious career of serving your nation through the gallantry of the Indian Army (How to get into the Indian Army?). In this article, we will take it further to dwell on another one of the three branches of the Indian Defense, protecting our country over its … Read more

How to get into a Quality Assurance Career

Have you heard the story where someone had ordered an Apple iPhone and received a half-eaten red apple instead? That’s a sure way to tell something’s really wrong with the quality of the product! Though, to be fair, both the apple and the intended iPhone lack a headphone jack input. So there, you have something … Read more