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What investors look for before investing in a Startup

What investors look for before investing in a Startup

[Note: This article has been written keeping in mind early-stage startups and not the established ones. By now the latter already know what the fuss is all about.]

The term ‘elevator pitch’ was coined for a reason. A top-shelf investor quite literally has no more time to give you than what it takes for an elevator to go up. Be it angel or VC-backed, they receive hundreds of startup pitches every day. Some at odd times, others odd places, as private as the urinals even.

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Startup vs Corporate: Which Job is Better For Your Career?

Startup vs Corporate - Which is Better?“I hate my (corporate) job. And/Or I want to work for a startup”.

If you’ve ever had this existential crisis, this article might help you. It wouldn’t hurt to read, otherwise too. Either way, it can’t be more useless than stalking your friends’ too-happy-to-be-true pics on Facebook. 

Until recently, big corporates were the undisputed leaders of the job market with the best-in-class salaries, stability, and a predictably growing career graph. However, with the advent of the modern-day internet and its associated software-tech industry, the dynamics have changed rather significantly. Startups are giving these established corporates a run for their money when it comes to attracting top talent.

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Why brand IIT is better than IIM for startups in India

IIT vs IIMThe Meccas of technology and management education in India, the Indian institutes of Technology (IIT) and Indian institutes of Management (IIM), are the stuff dreams are made of. Cracking the admissions process in either of these is in itself a cause for celebration for the entire family, for a degree from these esteemed institutes conjures up images of a nice job with a lucrative pay package.

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Healthcare startup provides free online counselling for mental problems

Free online counselling depression

With the increasing stress and pressures linked to modern day life, mental health diseases are rapidly gaining ground in India. However, there aren’t enough counsellors and support systems to help those suffering from it.

In this tête-à-tête with YourDOST founders, Richa Singh and Puneet Manuja, we find out more about how online counselling assisted by technology helps their venture reach out to thousands who need counselling for psychological problems related to depression, relationships, education, sexuality, social phobia and other common subjects.

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Serial Entrepreneur from IIT turned Venture Capitalist has advice for startups

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital | India

Among the thousands of runners in the Investothon 2013-2014 event, Ashwin Srivastava was the last to complete the mini-marathon. Not very surprising though, if you consider that he walked from start to finish, while his competitors ran. However, for Ashwin, this was a huge personal victory.

While the paparazzi was missing at the finish line to capture and celebrate the moment, Ashwin came home beaming with pride with what he had achieved.

For those who don’t know him personally, there are other success stories involving speed that are easier to relate to – like launching, scaling up (to over $1 million) and exiting multiple ventures in record time. His transition from being an entrepreneur to a co-founder / partner in a venture capital firm within 3 years of graduation.

Careerizma caught up with the serial-entrepreneur-turned-VC to learn more about his student days at IIT Bombay, how he became an entrepreneur, how he launched his first startup (and several more), why he became a venture capitalist and what makes his marathon story special.

If entrepreneurship & startups excite you, Ashwin’s story will give you an idea of what it means to be a true entrepreneur.

[Update: Ashwin has been included in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list for 2017. Another feather in his much-embellished cap!]

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