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8 Reasons why you hate your job

Why do I hate my job?

If you catch yourself asking this question too frequently, it might not be as serious as a mid-life or mid-career crisis.

Probably there’s a simple explanation. When you hate your job but you can’t quit, making a few adjustments can help reduce the stress and the hate. Guest blogger Rohit Gupta digs in to find out what you’ve been trying to hide in your backyard.

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Is this bad habit resulting in poor communication skills?

Business communication skillsIrritants or awkward pause fillers might be doing more harm to your business communication skills than you know. You may not know it, but your colleagues might be controlling their urge to shut you up!

As an ambitious professional seeking to carve out a niche for yourself in the higher echelons of the business world, self-improvement would be a high-priority item on your career growth to-do list.

Apart from the technical skills that are so critical for your success, you’ve probably also been making a conscious effort to improve your business communication skills.

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How top headhunters and recruitment agencies work

Modern day headhunters from recruitment agencies in India and abroad prefer poaching full bodies and not just heads. Whether you are an MBA student looking for a job or a professional hoping to get better, high-paying jobs, if you’ve made yourself visible in the recruitment market, you are likely to be on their list.

A headhunter from a top recruitment agency may strike when you least expect it. Here’s what you can do to be ready for the initial call.

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Image Consulting Careers in India

What is image consulting? What do image consultants do? What salary can you expect? Is it the right career option for you?

Pratima Vallur managed a career change from technology to image consulting. She describes how she did it. And also covers many basic aspects related to image consultant careers.

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Understanding Information Security Management

What is Information Security Management? Why is it important? What is an Information Security Management System? Top Information Security Management courses? What does an information security management professional do? What salary can you earn? Deepu Krishnan, a seasoned information security management manager, addresses all these questions in this article.   Understanding Information Security Management By … Read more

What to do before an interview

HR expert and soft skills trainer, Glancy, offers some tips on how to prepare for an interview and what to do in the waiting room a few minutes before the big interview.   How ready are you before you walk into the interview? by Glancy Albuquerque   Are you ready to impress strangers of your … Read more

How sports can help you in life

How sports can help in life

Guest writer, Prateek Malik, shares how sports can help you in life in the areas of personality development, health, social skills, stress management and more. Whether you are a student or a professional, here are some benefits you can get from being involved in sports.


10 ways in which sports can help you in life

by Prateek Malik

In our life, we involve ourselves into numerous activities, mostly with a known relation with the respective age.

For instance, we would like to learn cycling when we turn six years old or a learn to drive a car by the age of eighteen.

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