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8 Reasons how and why Positive Attitude at work is a crucial soft skill

Positive Attitude at work

No one can sanely argue that a cheerful disposition is a bad thing. When was the last time you voluntarily hung out with someone with doomsday like clouds hanging over them? It’s like asking for a shot of antivallium. Our workplaces are filled with competition, stress, demands and diminishing human regard. And with so many negative emotions floating about in the bull-pens, it is no wonder that a pleasing personality, among the raging bulls, brings in the much needed touch of humanity.

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, not only are workers at risk by failing to deal with their stress, leading to workplace accidents (60-80%) and stress related diseases (80%), even companies are known to bear inordinate amount of costs in covering accident insurance and health reimbursements. So it is really in no ones’ interest to be Mr. Scrooge or Scrooge Inc.

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If you have not already caught the drift of this article, here it is. We will be talking about the significance of a positive attitude at your workplace – how to have one and really why to have one.

The how is all about aiming to always look at the bright side of life. And the why comes from the consequences, some immediate while others delayed, of your actions and the way they are perceived by your peers and your boss. Here are some quick reminders in case you have forgotten how, and why, to smile.

1. Be calm

Not like the kind before a storm. Just slow down and evaluate your problems objectively. That’s the only way you can prevent a problem from becoming a crisis. Trust that an unpanicky state is going to render you functional and capable of better judgement.

Yes, being stressed is a common state of mind and we are often forced to make crucial decisions where stress has already managed to creep into our psyche. But the decision making process itself can be an added cause of stress and the more you let yourself dwell into the negative zone, the more likely you are to be engulfed in even more stress.

And let us remind you that not all kinds of stresses lead to the best results. Let your positivity stop your brain from feeding on itself and make a bad situation worse. (Read How stress can affect you)

2. Don’t attract the negative

You are human, not a charged particle. Stay away from negative people who can bring down your spirit. At work, your drive is largely drawn from the enthusiasm of wanting to get stuff done. Having nay sayers around will be counterproductive.

For the same, try to associate with coworkers who give off that positive vibe. If anything their sunny habits will rub off and let you stay uplifted. So, go good will hunting.

3. When panic starts getting the best of you

If you panic and find yourself losing objectivity, try some of these known ways to let your hormones go back to baseline. Step outside for some fresh air and take a deep breath. Talk to a confidant.

And if all else fails, try having some chamomile tea. You will find positivity surging back in. Or at least your nerves settling down and letting you tackle your problem with fresh eyes.

4. Attitude overhaul

Your personality has an existence well beyond your presence. It can gain a reputation around at the work place and you would certainly want it to be favorable. Your growth, in your organization, is not just subject to your performance but also to the perception of your personality.

Good leaders are not just task masters but influencers. And good luck influencing people, towards success, if they despise you deep inside. Having a pleasing persona makes it easier to communicate and build healthy working relationships. Stop and listen to your peers. Have patience and don’t go about snapping and losing temper at the drop of a pen. Be open to exchange of ideas and lend your support when needed.

The daily niceties will not only enhance your image as a positive inspiration for your team, it will also actually make your team perform better. (Read Qualities of a Team Player and Empathy among coworkers)

5. Don’t whine, just dine

When the going gets tough, find ways to unwind. Frustrations are a part of any job. If things were really that easy, they would have found a way to automate it already. Your job matters and you may come across moments of lack of inspiration.

Pull yourself away from the task and regroup your thoughts. If your job is flexible enough, take an early lunch and treat yourself. Who knows, you might have just been lacking the much needed food for thought!

6. Treat yourself

That goes for rewarding yourself for a job well done or a simply done. People generally have a tendency of working too hard and burning themselves up. Remember this is not a sprint but rather a marathon. You are in it for the long haul, until you retire and start complaining about how the young lack impulse control.

Try not to overwork yourself if not on a deadline. Step outside for a bit of nature, or thick smog, depending on which metro city you are living in. And whatever happens, don’t lose your sleep over it. Not unless you want to be a dead weight the next day.

7. Being positive has it’s own rewards

Negative emotions tend to alter the way we react to situations. The same circumstances can lead to two very different responses for negative and positive personalities. Negative people tend to let go of rationality and only concentrate on what they want to believe – aka the negative, according to the Better Health Channel. And this process has a way of becoming a vicious circle of uselessness.

By being the beacon of the plus sign, you are setting yourself up to be well driven, motivated and with way more energy than your woe is me alter ego. All those qualities are the ingredients of a successful career. So you decide who would you rather be.

8. Congratulate yourself

Appreciate what you have. People generally tend to ignore their accomplishments while wallowing in self pity. A persistent ignorance of your achievements can take a toll on your confidence. And lack of confidence has a litany of ways to hamper your career.

Once you let go of it, you will stop taking initiatives, lose out on opportunities, and well, drop out of the radar of higher ups looking for the possible next Pichai.
By now you should be convinced that your glass half full attitude is one of the secrets to a successful work experience. Yes, we know that it is hard to keep up the good spirit when your world seems like under attack from the stress Godzilla. But here it is, the analysis of how that cheerful disposition can actually lead to more cheers.

So then might we now ask, Why so serious?

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