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Education and Career Counselling for Life Sciences

Tanmoy Ray is a freelance career counsellor and higher education advisor. He has written many popular articles on Careerizma covering various disciplines under the field of life sciences. Here’s the list: Diagnostics Careers and Jobs in India Careers and Jobs in Pharmaceutical Sciences Top Pharmacy courses and colleges in India Jobs and Careers in Biomedical … Read more

Should I leave my teaching job?

My last two articles dealt with career transition from teaching to a myriad of other interesting opportunities. Assuming that you have been motivated to push yourself from your comfort zone to pursue your leap of faith, this article would like to address the bigger questions that you will face in your new job interview. So … Read more

This New York University dropout runs a successful education startup

Nistha Tripathi

No fear! Nistha Tripathi’s tattoo highlights the dominant motif that has driven her through life and career.

From leaving an elite university midway through the course to launching multiple startups in a city that isn’t exactly known to be the entrepreneurship hub of India, she has taken several unconventional and brave steps that wouldn’t haven been possible if she had succumbed to her fears.

In a tête-à-tête with Careerizma, Nistha takes us through the big decisions she’s made, her books, her startup and the lessons she’s picked up along the way.

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What are your Options in India, after completing Higher Education (MS/PhD) in the USA?

Options in India after higher education in USA

When I was leaving for the land of the somewhat free, for my PhD, many chose to speculate on it being a permanent move. That I would be settling in the US with a job, never to move back home, at least not willingly. Though presumptuous of them, it is not without precedence. An American degree has been the traditional path towards employment in the US. With the process fairly streamlined from F1 to OPT to H1B and finally a Green Card, it is generally considered to be a mutually beneficial means for companies to catch good talent while providing decent jobs to international students.

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How students can manage their money in college

Financial Planning for Students

In an earlier article, Manishree Gupta shared her interesting career change story. If you haven’t read it, here’s the link – How I changed my career from Physiotherapy to Financial Planning

In this post, Manishree puts on her financial planner’s hat and shares tips with students on how to cultivate money management skills at an early age.


How middle class students can manage money in college

by Manishree Gupta

So, you must have heard of the ever famous book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. Possibly read it as well. In the fortunate case of the latter, you are aware that money, although limited in quantity, can be ‘managed’ in a ‘skilled’ manner. Lose no heart, if you don’t write Ambani or Birla as your last name. Me neither! It is all about optimization. Agreed, it is easier to cry on a BMW than a bicycle, but while we can afford a bicycle, let’s make the two wheeler ride worthwhile while we go on buying our own BMWs!

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