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Education and Career Counselling for Life Sciences

Tanmoy Ray is a freelance career counsellor and higher education advisor. He has written many popular articles on Careerizma covering various disciplines under the field of life sciences. Here’s the list:

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Note from the expert | Tanmoy Ray

I can help candidates with the following (in the Life Sciences domain; specifically for the age group 15 to 28):

  • Guidance on deciding their career paths
  • Guidance on higher education (UG, PG including PhD)
  • Guidance on SoP, College shortlisting (abroad)
  • Job Guidance (CV, job applications, getting connected with relevant Recruitment/HR Professionals)
  • Help with online presence (LinkedIn and other media channels)

If you’d like to get personalised counselling, share something about yourself and your queries in the comments below. I will reach out to you on the email ID you share. So, please re-verify the ID before you submit your details.

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Tanmoy Ray
About Tanmoy Ray
Tanmoy has a Pharmacy & Pharmacology background with 5 years of research experience. He has worked at the University of Oxford (UK), Utrecht University (Netherlands) and University of New South Wales (Australia). Want to discuss career-related concerns or need personalized guidance with choosing the right universities, deciding application strategy, scholarships or anything else related to higher studies abroad? Book a 1:1 counseling session (Telephone / Skype) with Tanmoy by clicking here.

122 thoughts on “Education and Career Counselling for Life Sciences”

  1. hello sir
    im a student of class 12th …m still confused what to persue ??wheather a btech in ec or integrated course (biotecnology) ?which one is better??

  2. Hello sir,
    I had recently completed my post graduation from PU, Chandigarh. can you please help me in slecting my carrer line as i am confused wether to oppout carrer in QA, QC or go for P.hd or go to pharmaceutical line. whic is best for a fresher having positive growth after 4-5 years???

  3. Hello Mr Roy,
    I am about to pursue my career in bioinformatics for masters this year, So what does India has to offer in this field for a person like me with a biology background instead of having one in Comp.Sci. ? Bioinformatics started in later 90’s in INDIA, even after almost 15-years since then, a lot less people enroll in this field as if comparing to other countries. So what would you suggest me on this should i pursue here or is this the time to shift my lane to other fileds like biotech, plan sciences etc ?

    Your suggestions will be extremely appreciated.
    Thank You.

  4. Hi Tanmoy
    I completed BE in Biotechnology from MSRIT , Bangalore. Currently i am working in Biocon Bangalore . I want to pursue a masters degree , but i dont know which field to choose. How can i evaluate doing master in which area would be better ?
    I have confusion on which field to choose and secondly where to pursue the masters degree .
    Can you please help me out in anyway possible.

  5. Hello,
    I have completed my B.Tech in Biotechnology in 2016 from U.I.E.T , Kurukshetra University .I have been working for 10 months in an IT company as an associate. Can you suggest what is good for me an MBA degree or M.Tech or preparing for govt. exams. I want fast results and want to get settled fast with good earning in hand.I appeared for GATE 2016 with just 1 month of prep, I was able to qualify that.However I am not sure which is best for me as i am result oriented kind of person.I have not published any papers during grad. Is there any possibility to apply abroad with full scholarship.Right now i am trying to prepare for GATE ’18 to apply in NITIE for MBA in project management .Kindly advise what is best for me.

  6. Hi ,
    i just recently came across your site and it looks very informative . My question is that i have completed my B.Tech in biotechnloogy from India . and now i have got admission in university of Florida ,tampa and BITS pilani both for masters in biotechnology . which do you think is a viable career option for me based on current market scenario ?

  7. Sir,
    I want to go for research in biotechnology abroad. Right now, I’m confused whether I should pursue Btech or BSc. Please advice me which one I should go for.

  8. Hiii Tanmoy,
    I passed out 2nd year in Msc biology I want know abt good career options with good salary so for tht I want a advice on best subject for MSc nd also if other option except MSc. I consult from many elder they told me for mba is it good to take other field .i wanna job out of country. Plzz answer

  9. Hiii Tanmoy,
    I passed out 2nd year in Msc biology I want know abt good career options with good salary so for tht I want a advice on best subject for MSc nd also if other option except MSc. I consult from many elder they told me for mba is it good to take other field .i wanna job out of country. Plzz answer

  10. Hello Tanmoy sir, dis is Shreya
    Iam a BSc in Biochemistry and I also hold an Advance diploma in food science and quality control, Iam currently planning to pursue masters in biochemistry, Iam also interested in food and nutritonal sciences, but Iam a bit worried to do my masters in food and nutrition as d field is not as broad as biochem and it might reduce my oppurtunities ahead….I also got to knw dat I can do PhD in nutritional sciences..Iam a bit confused now..pls help

  11. hello sir i have done bsc in chemistry ,zoology and botany.after that i completed msc biotech in 2011..then got married and took a break now i wants to persue my carrier bt confused that from where i should start.. i also tried for net preparations bt with 2 children i really not justified it i got only 30% in december 2016 csir … if i start with teaching? i have no teaching training…plz suggest me what sd i do..

  12. Hello sir I completed my bachelor degree in Microbiology and after this i m interested to fill a addmission form in gujarat forensic science university. In the foresic field different courses are avilable so i m confused in this two course 1.M SC IN FORENSIC SCIENCE Or 2. FOOD TECHONOLOGY AND SPECILIZATION IN FORESIC SCIENCE which is the better field . In which course good carrier and better jobs are avilable .

  13. Hello,
    I have done my BE biotechnology from Mumbai university in may 2017. I have got admission to the professional master’s program in biotechnology at the university of Pennsylvania. The course has 3 tracks one of which is biopharmaceutical. I am interested in a career in healthcare consultancies or pharmaceutical companies which are not lab work jobs. I am not inclined towards getting a PhD and so I don’t think a research oriented career would be much rewarding. So I wish to pursue in the non lab work side of pharmaceutical or health care sector, which would pay better too. I would be requiring a huge loan, so do you think such a course would be worth it or should I consider some other course? Also, I think, as of now, I would want to come to back to India after some years, so accordingly I would only benefit if the work I do in the U.S. is in demand in India too. Here is link to the program:

  14. Dear Sir
    I have completed n with Biotechnology in 2013.In 2014 i become married.Now I have 5 years of gap about my study and still I am Fresher. My family condition is not so good.Now I want to take a stand and want to start my career again.Plz help me because I don’t know from where I start now.

  15. Hi Tanmoy,
    I have completed bsc in zoology. Can i pursue career in msc food science and technolgy? I eagerly wanted to go in this field but came to know about this so late. I have applied for this course in mumbai.

  16. Hello Sir,
    I just now finished 3rd year in Integrated masters course in life sciences in Ahmedabad University. I did some survey and have come to a conclusion that i would pursue a PhD degree and get a job. i am interested in biotech and microbiology. Also considering the scenario of not much scope in India, I am interested to go abroad. So can you please guide me with following confusions:
    1. Whether doing PhD in microbio is better or Biotech?
    2. Whether doing PhD in india is better or abroad?
    3. Are any complications involved in getting a job abroad if Ph is pusued in India?
    4. What are the essentials for doing PhD abroad in a reputed univ of any country?
    5. Which countries would you suggest for pursuing PhD and getting a proper job?
    Please be kind enough to explain these and help me.

  17. Hi Tanmoy. Thank you for the wonderful review. This is Shyam from Chennai. I just completed my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences (BSc-4 years) at Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai. I have been accepted for International Master’s in Molecular Medicine at Gottingen University, Germany. While I know that research is a prime scope, I would like to work, considering family constraints, and carry on with my phD a little later. How do you think are the job prospects for international students? And what do you think is a good idea after MSc Molecular Medicine at Gottingen? Or Should I immediately enrol for phD after Master’s?

  18. Sir how much salary can i expect after doing msc in food biotechnology and then mba ? And what are the jobs that i can do and are there enough jobs in this field ,like ,am i sure to get a job ?

    i have given medical exam this year bt couldn’t be able to clear it ..i am confuse between biotech field and simple bsc field for graduation ..can i know the that after completing graduation from bio tech can i get job??and which field is good and can u please tell me which colleges are best for biotech study in india

  20. Hello Tanmoy! nice to read your answers..they are indeed very helpful. I am Anandi…doing B.Tech in Biotechnology from NIT Durgapur and more than halfway through the course. I would like to know about which is a better career option after bachelors–mtech or mba?What are the future options? Also it would be very helpful of you if you suggested some good institutions in India and abroad for pursuing further studies?I would also like to know about scholarships available in india and abroad for further studies.

  21. Hello Tanmoy! nice to read your answers..they are indeed very helpful. I am Anandi…doing B.Tech in Biotechnology from NIT Durgapur and more than halfway through the course. I would like to know about which is a better career option after bachelors–mtech or mba?What are the future options? Also it would be very helpful of you if you suggested some good institutions in India and abroad for pursuing further studies?

    • It is simple, complete your degree. realize that there is no job in Bio Tech. in India and end up sitting in a cubicle of some software firm. But that’s too mainstream for you, isn’t it?

      Now talking about MBA, you want to be a manager? Yes there is money, lots of it. But what about your dreams? All your knowledge of bio, chemistry, physics would evaporate in no time and one day you will repent that you could have contributed to bio/medicine field. Also, to be a great manager, you ought to be experienced, technically sound at your own subject, don’t you think?(if you don’t, never mind, most of the Indian students don’t think that way, if they would have, we could have found more innovation and R&D centres across the country and people wouldn’t have worried about jobs in Bio Tech. sector).

      The point is, you have to choose your career path according to your interest(goal in life as they say it) and/or needs(do waqt ki rooti, family, blah blah). If I were you I would do the following

      1) Relax, enjoy NIT life.
      2) Identify the most interesting and/or important topics in each semester. Clear the basics of them. Keep proper notes(read first and then write with books closed) of these. This would help you immensely in any future exams/interviews.
      3) Keep doing internships/projects in semester breaks in bio/pharma related companies or institutes in India/abroad. (Ask your Profs. for recos.).
      3) From 3rd year onwards start preparing for GATE/GRE.
      4) If GRE goes well, go abroad. Do Ph.D. in John Hopkins, MIT, Cambridge….(ahh there are so many fancy names). But keep one thing in mind, most of these great universities also look for earlier research paper/work(that you have done during your internships/projects) and also strong recommendations. A Ph.D. degree from these universities can get you almost any R&D job in India as well as abroad.
      5) Else you can do Ph.D. in NCBS-TIFR, IISC, IISER and Many CSIR, DST, DAE labs also. Most of them have their own entrances. But then a post doc. in abroad is a must if you want to do further independent research in Indian universities.
      6) You can do M.Tech. from IITS as well. Then go for jobs in pharma companies India(which are often not handsomely paid ) or sit for NET(for lecturership/JRF) and go into academics in degree colleges.
      7) There are other options as well. Many organizations of govt. of India/state govt. look for bio tech. candidates e.g. DRDO, ISRO, BARC, agricultural depts., forensic labs. Also you can become a patent examiner. But again such opportunities are less.
      8) If nothing works for me or my financial condition goes haywire I would go for software jobs or teaching jobs in schools/ private tuitions. But always remember every job demands some level of excellence in your own subject. And no job is good.bad as long as it suffices your needs/interests.

      You see, there are plenty of options. Doing a job is always a very safe game with. Besides research has its own frustration/curiosity. Ultimately it all depends on your interest and how much you want from yourself. If you really want to contribute to your society, do some innovation in fields like regenerative medicine, nano-bio tech., detector technologies for health/medicine, show paths to future students to carry further research then this is the stream for you.

      Stay cool and positive, do good to yourself and then to others. I wish you all the very best in your life Anandi.
      Good luck for all your future endeavors.

  22. Hello Sir,

    thanks for the great work you are doing, I have finished my undergraduate degree in Bsc Biological Sciences, with a CGPA of 3.8, and Im yet to write my Toefl and GRE, i want to apply for microbiology or immunology programmes in USA, but realized that most of them don’t offer MS, and the ones offering MS rarely give stipends or Scholarships, but my level of research experience is not very high, Id wanted to know wheter a high GRE results could help me gain a direct Phd admission despite my level of research and also th know which US schools are offering MS immunology or Microbiology or both with tuition waivers and stipends.

  23. Greetings Sir,
    I am pursuing 2nd B.Tech (Cancer Biotechnology) in a good college in Chennai. Since this is a new course (i.e specializatn in cancer) & is streamlined in UG level, I have a hard time & confusions about my career & job. Kindly suggest me what can I pursuse for PG & also what skills should be developed to get a good salary.

  24. Sir I have just completed my ISC examinations and I am willing to take biotechnology for my undergraduate courses. I want to pursue biotechnology from abroad.
    So can you please help me ,how can I get into universities in abroad and do my course.

  25. I completed Msc applied microbiology. As am a fresher shall i do a food safety course? How can i improve my career

  26. hello sir,
    Presently I am working in agri biotech industry for almost 4 years in R&D sector, as per my experience should I continue my career in this field or quit, if I quit what are the other options to make my career.
    I wanted to do work in this field, suggest me for other ways that I wanted to make my career successful in agri biotech industry.

  27. i recently completed my 12th from pcb . i want to pursue my career in research field related to oncology or virology etc ? what course should i opt ?
    and also which is better bsc biotechnology or bsc microbiology ?

  28. I have completed my 12th.. n I’m really confuse wat to choose next.. I want to do bsc in biotechnology… just wanted to know If it has a good scope.. n after doing this.. wat should I do next

  29. Hi sir,
    Currently I have completed my 2nd year in btech IIT Delhi from biotechnology discipline. I’m very interested in neuroscience and psychology and want to persue master from abroad.
    I really want to work in education sector of India as improve it, in future.
    I want to know the consequences of changing discipline and suggestions related to the respective carrier path.

  30. Hi I am Prit

    I choose to my career in bsc.biotechnology after 12th
    Which scope after bsc and msc biotechnology.??
    And another scope after 12th science??
    I am live in Gujarat

  31. Hello sir, im currently doing my msc biotechnology from india. After this i would like to work abroad. Is there any chance to get a job in US or UK after completing masters in india? Im not interested in research.

  32. Hello sir!
    Thankyou for such helpful information.
    I have recently completed my graduation in Biomedical science from DU and I’m a first division holder with 80%. Since the course is of 3 years, I wanted to ask whether it’s a good decision to wait one year and enrol in a diploma course and apply for Msc abroad next year. Or do msc from India and then opt for PhD from abroad. And I want to know what can I do this year to enhance my skills as well as my CV alongwith preparing for GRE and TOEFL/IELTS.
    That’ll really help a lot. Thankyou

  33. Sir, I have recently submitted my from Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam) dissertation which I did in CSIR-IICT Hyderabad. Till now, I have communicated two papers out of which one paper is accepted in nature scientific reports and other one is in review in a good journal. In both the papers, I was given equal first authorship. Now, most of the people are advising me to apply abroad for Ph.D., to give GRE and other lots of things. But, in the center of my heart, I am a tiny bit stressed over the future prospect in this field, especially in India. I have seen a large portion of the scholars, PostPHD go for another PostDoctoral period due to the fact that there are no academic positions available or there are very less salary industry jobs in this field. Sir, I have not applied for any Ph.D. position till date seeing all these circumstances. It’s not like that, I don’t want to go for research but at the same time, I want to get established by the age of 30. As you are in this field for numerous years, Can you simply bring tad bit of light into my region of concern and how to lead from here? I consider this period as the most crucial time of my life as from this point, my career will go in a definite path.
    I earnestly hope to get a reply from you. Thank you for taking the time to see this message.

  34. Hii sir,
    I have completed my bsc biotechnology from Shivaji university and I’m totally confused sir what to do Msc or MBA . Most of them are saying after Msc biotech their r no jobs go for MBA. And I m not interested in research I whould like to work in biomedical companies. Sir plz tell me what will be the best. Sir I have only two days for my Msc biotech admission rply me soon plz I’m totally confused.
    Thank u!

  35. Hello sir!
    Thankyou for such helpful information.
    I have recently completed my graduation in Biomedical science from DU and I’m a first division holder with 80%. Since the course is of 3 years, I wanted to ask whether it’s a good decision to wait one year and enrol in a diploma course and apply for Msc abroad next year. Or do msc from India and then opt for PhD from abroad. And I want to know what can I do this year to enhance my skills as well as my CV alongwith preparing for GRE and TOEFL/IELTS.
    That’ll really help a lot. Thankyou

  36. Sir ,now m doing 4th year in my integrated MSC. In life sciences from central university.i am confused if to do PhD or job after msc. Is there industrial jobs with good salary after msc. If yes what are those?.if one can do PhD and job at a time? Please sir help by giving your valuable advice. Waiting for your reply.

  37. Hello sir,
    I am Satyam Sangeet and currently I’m pursuing my 4th year B.Tech in biotechnology. Right now I’m aiming for GATE exam and after that i want to pursue my higher studies in abroad. Can you please help me out regarding how can I join foreign universities and pursue my from there?
    Also can you please list me the names of some foreign universities that allow students to pursue with a GATE score.
    Also can you please guide me in clarifying my doubt that what should be a good option-Pursuing after completing or should the person go for Phd after

  38. Hello Sir,
    I have just completed my M.SC. Biotech and i wanted to pursue my career in industrial sector (in healthcare and pharma industries preferably). But before applying for the job, i wanted to do some diploma course this year. I was thinking to do pg diploma in Pharma quality analysis and control but I’m also little confused with diploma in food technology or in data analysis or just advance computer. Could you please suggest me which course should i apply for(other than these courses also), which will help me to apply for the job in good industries in Delhi-NCR.

  39. Hello sir,
    I had taken up Biotechnology as an optional subject for my +2 and was immensley fascinated by the subject.
    I want to make a career in Biotechnology and I need help (which I couldn’t find anywhere). I’ve heard a lot of people speak bitterly of Biotechnology (which hurt me), and I almost believed all that. I seriously need some help with clearing the fog associated with my career goals………
    Hope you help me out.
    Thanking You In Anticipation

  40. Hello sir
    Myself priya, doing bsc biotch, 3rd year student nd wants to study in Canada for further studies
    As u said in one of ur comment that countries like us nd Canada offer their masters degree only to those students who have done 4 yr bachelor’s degree but in india bsc biotch is generally a three year
    cousre, so is there any hope/chance that i can get admission in msc biotech in Canadian university..?

  41. Hello sir, I have completed my graduation in Zoology but I want to to in research field. I am getting M.Sc in Genomics from Madurai Kamaraj University and M.Sc in Biotechnology from Jamia Hamdard Delhi. I am not sure about what to choose. Which subject has more scope in India? Genomics or Biotechnology and also which university is better

  42. Hello Sir,
    I completed my Masters in Biotechnology securing third position among the University toppers.After my MSc I have worked for 1.5 years in a project which I have designed .Then I started my PhD and now I am in the second year of my PhD.My work is completely stuck and I do not have any other alternative.Since the lab I have joined was a new I was a part of setting up the lab and the experiments were standardised after we have joined much of the time was devoted to establishing the lab only very less could be done as a part of my PhD project.I would very much like to drop my PhD and would like to try abroad.Could you kindly give your suggestion regarding applying abroad in this present scenario.

    Thanks a lot

  43. Hello Tanmay sir
    It was great reading your blog but right now i needed your help based on my profile.I will first tell you my profile and then my queries.
    Well I graduated in Bsc from University of Delhi with an aggregate of 67% this year in Microbiology.
    Besides this I took part in some seminars, workshops and hands on training session in and out of the university like in aiims, amity university,Nii etc which i guess is not that significant.
    I did my internship in University of Delhi under Innovation project which was on Estimation and Identification of mycological strains in indoor environments of Delhi schools.
    I was able to publish two book chapters in the same book called Bacterial Osmolytes published by Springers.
    Now coming to my present scenario I gave entrances for msc in various institutes like jgeebls,jnu,bhu, du etc
    I qualified most of them, got a call from iiser pune for interview but got rejected and then now by jnu ceeb got a seat in guru nanak dev university for msc biotech and got also called from thapar.
    Now my queries are
    1) which of the two shud i be taking admission in ? stating in mind that i need to have a good msc dissertation and lab experience and that most probably guru nanak dev university does not have one in their curriculum.
    2) Since i did my bsc from microbio ppl are saying it wud be unwise to take admission in any other course like biotech, genetics or biocchem
    3) What all should i be start preparing from be it gre scores ielts scores … cgpa in msc .. skill experience and all that I need to get into some decent doctoral fellow from abroad .. keeping in mind that my track record is not that good till now .. so i need to organise my steps and work dedicatedly to build a strong cv .
    Please help me from this present situtation and also guide me for my future goals.


  44. Hello sir ,I recently completed my 12th this year and I want to make my career in biotechnology but still confused about what steps should I take to make my career in biotechnology plz Guide me sir ……………….. And actually I want to make my career in biotechnology in abroad sir plz guide me.

  45. Hello sir
    It is a blessing to find the right guide at the right time . I need your help based upon my current situation .
    I will first tell you about my profile till date and accordingly u let me know what all i need to work on these few years to get a decent doctoral fellow (broadly in the field of biotechnology) from abroad .
    I have graduated from University of Delhi in Bsc Microbiology (67%).
    I did some hands on training sessions, worked in some NGOs, attended conferences and seminars nearby my universities like AIIMS, Amity University, NII etc (Which i guess is not that significant)
    I worked as an intern for a year under Innovation Project which takes place in almost all colleges of DU. My topic was on Identification and Estimation of species Mycological strains in indoor environments of Delhi schools.
    I lately worked on 2 book chapters in the book Bacterial Osmolytes published by Springers in 2017.
    Now I gave many entrances, qualified in some like jgeebls, jnu ceeb, du and took admission in Guru nanak dev University Amritsar through JNU ceeb.
    Now coming to my queries :
    1) I wanted to know what all i need to do after this to get a phd abroad, as per reading ur blog I cud get that i need to have a really good publication of my msc dissertations, need to work more on research labs be it in training programmes or internships, need to clear Toefl, Ielts, need to have a good percentage in msc, besides tthat what all and i need to know the precise scores i need to target for all these exams and where all should work in research labs ?
    2) A list of universities i should start browsing for and which country wud be great for research as in biotechnology labs and how well can i impress a professor thru a blind mail ?
    As my track record isnt that good I just want that u tell me all i should be doing to build a strong cv for getting a scholarship for phd in abroad .

    Thank you In advance

  46. Hello sir, I am chinmayee Chhotaray pursuing bsc biotech. I am interested in Msc in plant biotechnology. Sir suggest some good colleges where I can apply and other careers in biotechnology after doing bsc biotechnology.

  47. Hello Sir!
    I have completed my M.Sc. with Biotech in 2011………its to late to start but now I want to continue my studies with research field in abroad….please suggest something about that. Is there any publication or research experience must for Phd from Germany or any other countries in Europe……TIA

  48. Hello Sir,
    I’m from India. I’ve completed M.Sc in Microbiology with CGPA 7.96 from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology in 2016 and B.Sc(Microbiology) from Burdwan University with 62% marks in 2014. I want to do PhD from abroad preferably Europe/New Zealand. But I don’t have any publication and research experience other than M.Sc Dissertation. Under this circumstances is it possible to get PhD admission in the field of Biology. If so, please guide me about in which universities should I apply and any other relevant information.

  49. Hello sir, I am Arpita.I have completed on biotechnology in 2013 but I am without any experience.Can you suggest me what to do further so that i get immediate job. Are there any internship programs in biotechnology companies which I can do to increase my chances of getting placed? Thank you

  50. Hello sir,
    I have completed my B.Sc degree in Zoology this year and got 72%. I didn’t get any good universities for M.Sc this year. There weren’t any opportunities for internships during my bachelors, so i don’t have any research experience. I am interested in research works and love working in labs. I like biotechnology and microbiology. I am not interested in teaching profession. And I am interested to study abroad as there are more opportunities for your career and experience. I want to work in abroad as a scientist or in a bio based company with a nice salary. What should I do next? Try for M.Sc in Indian institutes like IIT /TIFR/JNCASR/JNU or go for M.Sc abroad? And if abroad, which institutes can I try for which provide financial assistance and where cost of study/living is less? Am I even eligible without any research experience? Or should I try for Integrated PhD in India? I am really confused about my career. Can you please guide me and show me the right path?

  51. Hello!I am from northeast part of India.I have just completed my 10+ 2 .
    I’m planning to take up bachelors degree in food science and technology.
    What job scope is there after that??
    And also can I take up my masters degree in food nutrition & dietetics with a bachelors degree in food science?

  52. Hi sir, I have just completed my chemical engineering as my bachelors degree. And now I am starting my application process for masters in food engineering in Canada. Could you please tell me if I am picking up a good programme in respect of job prospects?

  53. Hii tanmoy sir…
    I m Kritika and I have just cleared out looking for a college to do btech in biotechnology. Actually I am very much confused at this time because every single person who knew that I want to choose a career in biotech advised me to leave the idea as biotech has no scope in India. But I believe that knowledge makes the path so I just want u to tell me a path following which I can make a successful career in biotech and prove everyone wrong..

  54. Hi sir..I jus now completed my 12th so m thinking to do BSC MSC in some trending field. Can u pls suggest me ..and if I want to do BSC MSC in biotechnology shud I do it in India or abroad? And what abt my future after msc in biotech

  55. Hello sir
    My name is shruti and i have completed my postgraduation recently in zoology with 70% from bikaner university (rajasthan).My graduation is also in zoology(hons) from delhi university with 65%.I want to do Phd in ecology or evolutionary biology but i dont have any research experiances whatsoever. Is there any chance i could get admission in phd abroad if yes what are the options and what is the basic requirement.

  56. Hello
    I am MD pathology. I have interest in developing career in biomedical research field. I am working as Asst. Professor in Medical college at present. I do not have any experience of research in the field. Can you guide me about persuing my career in field of my interest?

  57. i just want to know that can i join the biotech after completion of my mbbs in Germany i just want to start up with that side because i m interested in that base and i just need to know how to apply and what are the best colleges in germany or poland

  58. Hi, i am 12th pass out and i wanna do bsc biotechnology but i am confused that whether i should pursue my degree in india or abroad. Is canada better than india to do bsc biotechnology and get good jobs over there in research field. And pls tell me about good University in canada to do bsc biotechnology.

  59. Hello sir ,i want to know that if i do in food tech then can i able to do msc in forensic science or vice versa

  60. good morning sir,
    myself sai pursuing degree biotechnology 1st year.
    I want to do ph.d. . After that I want to step in research career.
    But I have no idea about that sir.
    So firstly I want to know all about the steps which are important to step in reserch field.
    Hope that you can understand my request sir…
    Hope that you will suggest me soon about this.
    Thank you sir.

  61. Sir i am a biochemistry graduate from Aligarh Muslim University. I have been selected in both biochemistry and biotechnology for my masters program in the same university. I am totally confused about the fact that whether i should go for biochemistry or biotechnology. I have no interest in doing phd. So after masters which field has better scope.Please answer me as soon as possible.

  62. hello sir,
    it was really informative to read your articles, sir i am currently in final year b.pharm and planning of studying masters in Ireland so is it worth for an Indian students and my gpa is approx 6pointer so which will be best course to look and what are career and job prospectus at Ireland i m confused between pharmaceutical and business technology course and food and technology,sir i would be grateful to you to spend your valuable time for guiding at career path and i belong from middle class family so wana knw is it really worth going Ireland or studying mba in India is better option plz guide

    • Hi Gunjan,

      Thanks for your query.
      Ireland is a good destination for pharmaceutical sciences and food technology. However, Ireland is a small country. So, the competition of getting jobs (after completion of the course) is very intense among the international students. CGPA (around 6) is slightly on the lower side. However, that’s not the main problem for the international students.
      I would advise that you work for 1 year in India before you move to Ireland for pursuing higher studies, especially if you considering pharmaceutical and business technology course.
      For Food Technology, it’s different from Pharmacy. So, it’s better you go for a 2-year Masters program in a different country or get some work experience before starting a 1-year MSc program in Ireland.
      At the end of the day, you would like to get a job (in the foreign country) after finishing studies. So, do think about that too.
      Good Luck!

  63. Hi Tanmoy,
    I am M.Pharm and Gpat qualified. Working as pharmacovigilace data analyst from last 2 years. Need to pursue career abroad (canada or UK) Please guide

  64. Hello sir i am bsc biotech student and now i am going for msc in biotechnology. I dont know what to do further . Can u please suggest.

  65. Hello sir,
    I am taking admission in bsc biotechnology this year but I m a bit it the right thing for me. I m confused between bsc biotechnology and bsc ag.

  66. Sir
    I am student of BHU B.Sc. botany( h).
    I too interested in biotechnology. I have been selected for Bsc(ag). I am confused what to do . Should I leave BHU to join the Bsc(ag) ? I want to do research in the field of biotechnology. What should I do, so that I would have a Bright future? Sometime I think I should continue the botany sometime I think I should join Bsc (ag) as it has greater opportunity of Jobs. I am totally confused.
    Plz help me Sir …

    • Hi Remit,
      BHU is a very prestigious institute. I would suggest you complete your B.Sc. course from BHU, and then go for M.Sc. in Agricultural Science or Agricultural Biotechnology. A simple Botany degree from BHU is better than an Agri. Sci. degree from a Tier 2 college.
      In order to get more knowledge in Agricultural Science & Technology, you could go for internships, project work.
      Feel free to contact me if you need further advice.

  67. Hi sir
    I am doing BE food tech and biochemical eng . I want to pursue masters in Biotechnology. Is it possible to do so ??

  68. Hi Prabhashis,
    If I consider your Bachelor stream, I would suggest you going for Masters in Food Technology. Let me know if you have got further queries.

  69. sir i pursue in MSC microbiology and I want to good earning after my msc . so tell me what should I do. I interested to in join industry

  70. Sir,
    I am a final year mbbs student. My ambition is to do research in cancer field by interlinking with biotechnology. So what shld i do after mbbs? Shld i go for MD oncology and then pursue biotechnology or shld i pursue it after mbbs itself? Which one is better? Can you show me path to follow?

  71. Hi Tanmoy,
    I have a bachelors degree in zoology from India and currently I am pursuing masters in biology (specialization in molecular biology) in KU Leuven , Belgium. I am on the verge of master degree completion and am quite confused. I am doing my master thesis in functional biology but I want to work in the cancer research field as a PhD researcher. I also wish to do PhD in Europe. My doubts are:-
    1) It is possible that the universities would accept me as a researcher in cancer research topics since I am from functional biology background ?
    2) How important is my master thesis in getting a PhD apart from having good grades ( in 2 semesters my CGPA= 7.8)?
    3) Which universities or labs in Europe should be my preferable choice for applying?
    4) PhD in universities are better or in private labs?

  72. Hello Sir,
    My daughter is doing B Tech (Bio-Technology) First year. please advise what field should taken in second year. And as female candidate what are the opportunities available in India after doing B Tech (Bio-Tech)

  73. sir, My name is priyanka and I m from jammu &Kashmir. sir I ve recently completed my masters degree in biotechnology and now so much confused wot to do next.I actually wan to earn now.But there is no biotechnology private sector where I can apply for the job.Sir my parents are compelling me to join the PhD by cracking the net jrf..Sir can you tell me is there is any private company who take PhD students for the job and also tell me is there any scope for the PhD students in these biotech companies and also tell me the salary packages that these companies give…

  74. Hai Tanmoy Roy ,
    I’m shilpa I did my in biotechnology in 2009 from Bangalore univercity.present I’m in us my visa status is h4 .so please help me for my career which way I have to go it’s so much confusing and boaring .through YouTube I learn oracle if my husband got I-140 I’m eligible for work in previous situations but now trump is going to cancel h4 ead so I stated learning oracle these many days I have a hope I will do job but now days I’m loosing my hope please help me.
    Thanking you

  75. I Have finished M.Sc biotechnology in 2016.I have lab experience of two months in Immuno-diagnostics in rapture biotech in delhi. If i want to work abroad which country is best.Please suggest me and what are the procedures I have to do if i got the job in foreign countries.

  76. Hello Sir,
    I am pursuing msc biotechnology from Jamia Hamdard. I am first year student. I am still confused about my area of interests. I want to do some public welfare work, either in Field of medical biotechnology or something related to nutrition of people. I want to create some food supplements that can help poor people. Can you please guide me in this state?

  77. Hello sir.
    I’m pursuing my Masters in biotechnology and my is about to end in April. I’m keen to know what career options should I opt for? Could you guide me with some suggestions?

  78. Hello sir
    I am a student of MSc biotechnology at Jamia Hamdard. I am in II SEM. Sir I am still confused about my subject of interest. I want to do PhD further. I don’t have any past experience, neither do I have any published article yet. At present I want to focus over NET -JRF exam.
    I want to work for some public welfare…either something related to food and nutrition of poor population or for vaccination and better health. Sir please guide me…

  79. Currently am doing M.Sc biotechnology final year, can you please suggest me that what will be the jobs available in abroad especially in singapore????

  80. Hello sir ,
    This is Nivrutti. I completed my graduation in Biotechnology. Now i want to study MSc/Mtech from foreign university. So tell me which country is best for me according to you?

  81. Sir,
    I am Shruti, currently in the 8th semester of B.Tech Biotechnology in SRM University, Chennai. I want to pursue higher studies mainly direct PhD in USA or Singapore or UK . I currently have 7.8 cgpa and I’ll publish a paper after the dissertation. I want to know how shall i approach the universities for doing direct PhD in bioengineering field and also what are the main requirements and how will I fund myself ?

  82. Sir Vellore institute of technology is good for bsc or I should go for Kalinga institute of technology for dual degree
    Which is better vit and kit for this in terms of placements and for further studies

  83. Hello Sir,
    I am currently studying in Bsc Biotechnology and i am complete dillema of from where to pursue msc degree from india or abroad because i want to start preparing for entrances as well.In India IIT’s and AIIMS do provide opportunities but are they really good or any foreign countries would be a better choice to pursue msc degree.

  84. Hello sir.I’m pursuing my third year in B.Tech biotechnology.I would wish to continue my career in food technology in abroad.Please do suggest few ideas about the universities,scholarships and other requirements .

  85. Hello Tanmoy,
    Need some advice from you regarding my options for Universities/Countries.
    I used to be a PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engg program (2 first author publications, + Thesis+ conference proceedings etc.) in a US University 5 years ago, which I had to leave due to personal reasons and complete my MS (Bioengg) from another university in the US. Ever since been working in biopharma R & D (IT) for about 5 yrs now. Returned to India last year and working now. At this point I am planning to complete my PhD (Not necessarily the same alma mater) in BME and continue to work in Research (academic/industry- not IT).
    Having lived in the US for almost a decade, I am thinking of maybe some other country to pursue my PhD this time around. Request your advice for the same

  86. Hello Sir,
    I am Akansha from Punjab. Right now I am pursuing Bio-Technology Hons. (3rd year) from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. I had plans to shift abroad (Canada basically) for my post graduation. I had been looking for University of Toronto, University of Calgary and more. All I want to know is that which course in my field (Pharmaceutical Science, Bio-medical and Stem cell Biology, etc) has a greater scope in career building. I need guidance about the scope of all such fields in biotech industry. I hope you’ll help me for same.


  87. Hi Tanmoy Sir, I have completed my M.Sc in Genetics from VIT University with a CGPA of 9.13 out of 10 in 2016. I have scored 310 in GRE (AWA-4.0) and 115 in TOEFL. Also, I do have an experience of 8 months working in a diagnostic lab in cancer genetics. I also have one research publication in an international journal. My academics throughout my career have been good (85-90%). I did try for Phd in the US for Fall 2017, but got rejections from all them. So, this time around, I’ll be mostly applying to European and Candian Universities. My question is what would you suggest me to do in terms of improving my profile? Does my profile stand a chance? I want to pursue PhD in cancer biology/Genetics. What would you suggest: Structured Phd program or contacting PI’s? Also, I’ve heard that chances for Phd in Canada are more as compared to any other country. Is it true?

  88. Hi Tanmoy Sir,  I have completed my M.Sc in Genetics from VIT University with a CGPA of 9.13 out of 10 in 2016. I have scored 310 in GRE (AWA-4.0) and 115 in TOEFL. Also, I do have an experience of 8 months working in a diagnostic lab in cancer genetics. I also have one research publication in an international journal. My academics throughout my career have been good (85-90%). I did  try for Phd in the US for Fall 2017, but got rejections from all them. So, this time around, I’ll be mostly applying to European and Candian Universities. My question is what would you suggest me to do in terms of improvi my profile? Does my profile stand a chance? I want to pursue PhD in cancer biology/Genetics. What would you suggest: Structured Phd program or contacting PI’s? Also, I’ve heard that chances for Phd in Canada are more as compared to any other country. Is it true?

  89. hi sir,
    i am namratha currently staying n dubai ,i completed my bachelors in biotechnology(btech biotechnology)in chennai(2016 passed out).Due to some personal reasons i quit but now i want to continue my studies in abroad(canada),while going through some information about food science i saw u r artical and its quite help full. In that artical you only mentioned about their wages only in india?then what about n canada sir? Being a biotech graduate do I have a option to choose nutrition and food science? What about the scope for nutrition and food science in canada?Actually i didnt take GRE test i have only ielts so, is there any possibility for me to apply for universities?

  90. hey sir,
    My name is shloka and I am currently pursuing my BSc in life sciences from Mumbai university at Jaihind College. I will be completing this programme in April 2018. I don’t know what to pursue after completing my graduation. I don’t mind doing my masters but I am Not interested in research. I wouldn’t mind teaching but don’t know where to pursue my masters in India and in what subject? I do not want to pursue my master’s degree in a very intensive subject. Kindly give me some suggestions

  91. Hii iam aditi ..
    I completed graduation in bs. Biotechnology and i want to do masters in lifesciences .
    Is it possible to do masters in life sciences after doing bsc in biotechnolgy…
    Please reply me …..

  92. Hi Tanmoy,
    I m post graduate in Microbial technology from Panjab University. I was eligible for Inspire Scholarship for PhD but did not take it up since I wanted to work. I joined Pharmacovigilance and is working as Drug Safety Analyst since 2.5 years ago. Now i m planning settle abroad (US or Canada). Could you please suggest which way would be better for me to have a fulfilling career either in pharmacovigilance or any other Biotech field?
    – Should i apply for PhD there for brighter scope in my field?
    – Or directly applying for job will suffice?
    – Should I join some pharmacovigilance related short term course
    Looking forward for your guidance.
    Many thanks.

    • Simmi,
      PhD would be a good option, but only if you feel 150% motivated. Otherwise, you can go for jobs via the “Express Entry” route (immigration).

  93. Hey. I am currently in my Final year of Bsc in Biotechnology. I don’t want to do lab work much but am also interested in writing and literature and am also inclined towards the Arts field. So can you suggest a course which can help in both the fields – Biotechnology as well as Arts too.

    • Medical Writing would be a good career path for you. You could consider the following options:
      1. Writing – Creative & Scientific (Technical) Writing
      2. Mass Communication / Advertising & PR
      Both of the above options are good and would be suitable for you.
      Let me know if you have got further queries.

  94. Hello Tanmoy sir,
    I am Aamir and I have completed M.Sc Biotechnology. I am so confused that I couldn’t able to decide in which field I should go. I should choose pharma industry or I can go for medical coding or I can go for lab testing. Please help me in which field I will have a great future.

    • Hi Aamir,
      If you are looking for jobs outside research, you could certainly consider the following jobs (I have also mentioned the monthly salary ranges):
      Medical Coding: 10k – 18k
      Technical Sales: 15k – 25k
      Medical Representative (Pharmaceutical Sales): 12k – 30k
      Medical Device Sales Representative: 15k – 20k
      Medical Writer: 15k -50k
      Production, QA/QC Jobs: 15 – 22k
      Hope this helps.

  95. Hello Sir,
    i have completed my graduation from calcutta university with 58 % and masters with 56% since my grades are not so good do i still have any chance of doing phd from abroad or guide me what should i do at this point to be able to study from a good university abroad

  96. Hello sir
    My Name is Varsha Rathore. I am intrested only in science. I am complete our graduation with B.Sc Biotechnology,but after this i can’t understand what i do.which field is suitable for me .Please sir Help Me I am very confuse.

  97. Hi sir,
    I am padmaja
    I completed my bsc biotechnology in 2015 in Andhra pradesh, now am staying in bangalore, am looking for a job in biotech field can I get any job in biotech industry because I don’t have any pg certification and I didn’t went for any course. Everyone is saying that there is no scope for biotechnology and in my home they are saying better to go in bpo industry but am not interested in that sir. Could u suggest me sir what should I do now for getting a job in biotech field.

    • I do feel for you. But, to be honest, getting a job after B.Sc. in Biotechnology is very very tough.
      I would suggest going for an M.Sc. or try to get a job in some other domain.

  98. Hello Sir. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor.Sc agriculture. And I am interested in Biotechnology, so can I opt for M.Sc in Biotechnology. And I want to study abroad, for that, which country would you advice? I request you to give any detail you can. Thankyou Sir.

  99. Hi,

    Can you please suggest me whether now I have any option to do my Phd from abroad or India?
    I completed my integrated M.Sc in biotechnology from St.Xavier’s college Kolkata.I got my degree in the year of 2015.I cleared GATE and I have UGC-JRF (Rank-24))fellowship, which I got in 2016 dec.I have cleared NET-Ls in 2014-dec.I did my dissertation from IISc Bangalore.After my M.Sc I joined SSKM-hospital in Kolkata as aPhd student.But I due to some reason I left the place and joined IISc as a project assistant.In the mean time I got the JRF from UGC.But due to some reasons I left IISc.In the mean time I got married and settle in Jaipur Rajasthan.

    Please sir can you suggest me is there any good institution in Rajasthan where I can complete my PhD.

    • You could consider the following:
      Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur National University, and Central University of Rajasthan.

  100. Hello sir
    I am keerthi
    I have to completed my B. SC plant biotechnology.,
    Can I choose biotechnology jobs whether
    It is related to me or not.
    Can i go for any other jobs for my plant biotechnology course oriented jobs.

    • Keerthi, my advice would be going for internships and then go for MSc – if you want to stick to the biotech domain. The reason being it’s tough to get a job in the core domain after B.Sc. Biotechnology (as compared to B.Tech. in Biotechnology).
      If you are not flexible with the domain, you can certainly go for jobs in other domains.

  101. Sir! I have been pursuing my bsc biotechnology honours from government college and I am confused that in what field I should pursue my msc in? Like forensic, food biotech etc etc because I am not aware which field has more scope . Please do help me out and the institutes to best pursue in?

  102. Hello sir,
    I am currently pursuing B.E (ece). I would lik to do my higher education on food science and technology. Is doing this course a better option in india or canada? And my other doubt is will they take in ece stream students .I ll.b completing my online courses related to the course

    • Hi Keerthana,
      I would suggest you to check with the universities directly. By ECE, I assume you mean Electronics & Communication Engineering. Usually, For PG in Food Science & Technology, ECE might not be considered as a relevant background.
      If you’re trying to break into the bioscience field, you could consider Masters in Biomedical Engineering. If you have got solid programming skills, you can also switch to Bioinformatics.

  103. Hi Swathi,
    If you have got 2 years of work-ex in a different field and 2 years of gap, then I am afraid it would be extremely tough to get admitted to a PhD program directly.
    I would advise applying for an MS program abroad and then go for PhD.

  104. Hello sir, I recently graduated in microbiology (BSc) and I wish to pursue my masters in bioinformatics from abroad this year. Could you please let me know whether my decision of pursuing masters in bioinformatics is correct as I Am From a non Computer science background and also I would like to know the best universities in UK for the same. I Am absolutely fresh to the field of bioinformatics so is that going to hamper my studies in any way?

  105. I want to know about integrated msc biotechnology course in detail with duration and also which clg in maharashatra offer this course .Plz do email me


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