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Role of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in Hiring & Recruitment

Social media recruitment is the buzzword in recruitment circles. It essentially refers to using social media channels to hire employees instead of more conventional ones. Advantages typically include a wider and a more organic reach, direct contact with prospective candidates and lower costs. You can read more about this in these posts: – How recruitment … Read more

4 Top Recruitment and Selection Myths Busted

The entire hiring process is bubbling with potential for strong emotions come to the surface and boil very easily. With jobs becoming equivalent to identities, candidates – especially active seekers – look at every job opportunity with a level of seriousness only otherwise displayed by concerned Indian mothers in the matrimonial process. Add to the … Read more

How Exploratory Interviews work

Exploratory interviews

In your quest for the dream job, you’ll have to answer a lot of questions – some tougher than the others. Informational interviews may not directly get you the job, but they can play a crucial role in getting you closer to your goals. Karthik Raju helps us understand the concept of exploratory interviews and walks us through the maze of what works and what doesn’t.

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