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Psychology Careers and Jobs in India

Psychology is not an esoteric art involving mind-reading, as most would assume – clarifies forensic psychologist, Meghana Srivatsa. She explains how she got into the field and how her work took her from the criminal world to the corporate world (yes, there is a difference between the two!). She also talks about the qualifications needed to get psychology jobs in India and has some tips on whether it would be the right career option for you.


Psychology Careers and Jobs in India

by Meghana Srivatsa

Psychology Careers and Jobs in IndiaNot all of us are born with a hawk-eye focus on what we want to do with our professional lives. I was a champion at lacking focus back in the day.

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Career guidance for Pharma jobs in India and abroad

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Careers in Translational Medicine: Introduction, Different Phases, Training and Scope

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How a Biotechnologist became a Zumba Trainer: Amazing Career Change Story

Zumba Training Career

A dancer, writer, fitness expert and a former Biotechnologist and Intellectual Property rights manager, Shraddha Narayanan. Part Delhite part Hyderabadi, Shraddha exudes an almost infectious energy about her, an evidence of enthusiasm with which she has steered her career towards her passion, staying fit. We got her to take some time out from her very active schedule to talk with us. 

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Pharmacy Careers and Jobs | Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Introduction to Pharmacy: Top courses and colleges in India

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