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Career guidance for Pharma jobs in India and abroad

Happy to provide some career guidance for courses and jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

These introductory articles should help you understand the basics.

Some more posts on related topics.

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Tanmoy Ray
About Tanmoy Ray
Tanmoy has a Pharmacy & Pharmacology background with 5 years of research experience. He has worked at the University of Oxford (UK), Utrecht University (Netherlands) and University of New South Wales (Australia). Want to discuss career-related concerns or need personalized guidance with choosing the right universities, deciding application strategy, scholarships or anything else related to higher studies abroad? Book a 1:1 counseling session (Telephone / Skype) with Tanmoy by clicking here.

91 thoughts on “Career guidance for Pharma jobs in India and abroad”

  1. Hello Sir ,

    I am Susan Varughese from NMIMS , Mumbai . Sir I am bpharm graduate and also a gpat qualified
    I am interested in doing clinical trial or pharmacovigilance jobs
    Sir , if i do pharmd after bpharm will pharma industries in mumbai will be interested in giving jobs for the pharm d graduates ( post baccaleurate) ??
    i wanted to ask because i need to gain some experience in india after that then i need to move to work in us industries
    What are the other alternatives except pharm d to work in us industries except doing masters in usa??
    Sir waiting for ur reply

    • Hi Susan,

      Sorry for replying after ages. Somehow I missed out on your query.

      Since you are interested in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trails, I won’t recommend Pharm.D. Masters in Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacology, Clinical Research, or Pharmacovigilance will be better options. You can also consider doing a PG Diploma (in correspondence) in Regulatory Affairs while pursuing the full-time Master program.

  2. Hi sir I am in 3rd year of B.pharm I am not sure what to do after that should I go for MBA of M.pharm and in MBA should I go for pharma MBA? Or I will take another option is of pharma D and as I am student who is not best in studies so for doing M.pharm and research one should be very good in studies.. So tell me good colleges of M.pharm pharma D and pharma MBA
    Thank you

  3. Hello sir,
    I’m second year student and very much concern about my career as I fail to Crack medical entrance so I want to have a bright and secure future. On surfing Internet I came to know about MD-Phd course which ensures that one can have both the degrees as well as practice separately as physician and scientist. Sir is it possible for me to go for this course as I’m doing pharmacy. If it is possible please provide the course’s outline, University in abroad and India,which entrance exam is to be cleared to get into this course.

    • Hi Palash,

      You can go for fast-track MD after B.Pharm, and then get into the translational research side. But, it will be a very long process. 4 years of B.Pharm, 4 years of MD and then 3 – 4 years of PhD.

      Rather I would suggest you to work towards your end goal with a shorter duration. Go for MSc Pharmacology or Molecular Medicine after B.Pharm. Try to get some research experience, and then go for PhD. You can also consider a second Masters degree in Translational Medicine (you can find out the top Master programs here:

      Hope this helps !

  4. Hi sir I want to establish my career in marketing and business of pharma companies and m pursuing graduation in B.pharm what should I do after that MBA in pharmaceutical management or M.pharm in pharmaceutical management
    I think both are same just the matter of name on degree

    • Hi Bharat,

      The best thing to do after B.Pharm would be to work as a Medical Representative for at least 2 – 3 years. While working you can take preparation for CAT / XAT / GMAT / GRE. Even if you do MBA in Marketing or a General MBA, it will be help you to reach your end goal.


  5. Hello Mr Tanmoy Ray …i am a pharmacy aspirant and is about to chose pharmacy as a career in india.
    is getting scholarships helpful to go to abroad for a middle class student?
    what is the scope for opting law after doing b pharm …does it offer a good job in the companies?
    i even wanted to know if the research sector offers good opportunities, respect and good salary in the coming years?
    Is ayurvedic medicine a better option …being in india in the next 4 years?

    • Hi Heer,

      I prefer keeping things simple. Since you are just getting started, I would prefer not to give you any details about scopes in a particular area. The best answer to your query can be answered by yourself only, but after 2 – 3 years. Whether you go for research or law, as long as you are enjoying it, that field has got scopes.
      Regarding scholarships for study abroad – it is possible for each and everyone despite their socio-economic background. Though it might be little tough at Bachelors level, but definitely possible at PG level.
      Regarding the career opportunities in Pharmacy, please refer to my previous blog:

      Best Wishes,

  6. Sir.. im doing my msc chemistry and i lyk medicinal chemistry. And i want to go into pharma field and can u help me how i can get into it..?

    • Sushil, I would recommend going for Masters degree in abroad. Getting a job in abroad (after B.Pharm) while being in India is quite difficult due to various factors.

  7. Hi sir
    I’ll complete my mbbs nxt year and need some career counselling. I am interested in doing somthng out of the box . My interest is either medicine or phamacolgy in corporate sector. I need to hav high market value but i cant afford any expensive courses. Want to settle abroad with max package in 3to 5 years .UK is my choice. Ready to prepare for any scholarship exam. What would you suggest si r

  8. Sir I wanted to know the Pharma D lateral entry colleges in India as I am B.pharm student
    And which is better as career MBA after B.pharm or Pharma D I know both are different fields but still I wants to know

  9. Dear sir
    Is pharmacovigilance is a better option for me. as i cmpletd my M pharma in Pharmacology .Few people will tell that there is no life in it so i m bit confused so plz suggest me abt this thankq.

    • Nikhil, it depends on your career interests. I have mentioned in several of my replies. I would strongly recommend you to go through my other articles on Careerizma, and also the comments.

  10. Hello Sir,

    I am kirtikumar, I did diploma in pharmacy and Bsc (chemistry), now I want to do Mba in pharma, am I elligible to this course .
    please reply
    Thank you

    • Hi Kirti,

      Ideally you need to have a Bachelor degree (3/4 years) in Science, Pharmacy, Biotechnology etc. So, you are indeed eligible for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. Good institutes will also ask for valid MAT/GPAT/CAT/CMAT/ATMA/XAT/Pharma MAT scores. So, do check the requirements of individual institutes beforehand.

  11. Hello sir. This is Nithisha. I’m studying b-pharm 2nd year. I want to make my career bright. But i got low percentage in the 1 st year. Sir, will u guide me how to increase my percentage in the present year…..

  12. Hellow sir,
    I am Nithisha. I am studying 2nd b-pharm. I got low percent in my 1st year. Sir please guide me how to get more percent in my present year….i want to do a job in a industry with more salary in my future…… I have to select in the campus in my 4th year…..

    • Hi Nithisha,

      It’s okay if you have scored less marks in your 1st year. You still have 3 more years. Besides, you get more weightage for the marks obtained in 3rd and 4th years. Then getting a job doesn’t only depend on good marks. You also need to have the right skills.
      Focus on the fundamentals, and study hard. Consult with tutors and seniors on a regular basis. I am sure you will do better.

  13. Hello Tanmoy sir,
    I have completed my b.pharm and further joined M.pharm in pharmacy practice in KLE COP at Belagavi – Karnataka. But later I got chance to join for Pharm D (PB) 4th year in the same college. Earlier I had applied for Canadian universities but could not meet the deadlines. So now I am looking forward for the jobs in India , Canada, EU after Pharm D. Please let me know the proper criteria to apply for job especially abroad. And any specialisation after Pharm D simultaneously can opt with the job.

    Thanking you,

    • Hi Dhanashree,

      I don’t think you need to do any more specialization after Pharm.D. You can get a job right after Pharm.D in India. Getting a job in Europe or Canada is a different process. You can go on to do a Masters in Public Health in Canada, USA or Australia. Then you can go for various job options in those countries.

        • It’s a little bit tough to get a job in abroad when you apply from India. You will face work-permit related issues. Another option is to immigrate to abroad, and then apply for jobs. But, that is a long process and depends on luck more often than not. If you go for a Masters degree (MPH or any other course) in abroad, then can get job opportunities in that country.

          I hope I have been clear enough.

  14. Hello, sir , Naman here
    It is 4am , tensed about my future
    Sir, i am a bpharmacy 3rd year student,
    The main concern is that , for the master purpose should i take gpat coaching in the 3rd year ,as this time it the beginning of my 3rd year , or the coaching after 4th year would be enough.
    Sir, i would love to go abroad and can do Msc , but not finding any guidence.
    I am in delhi ,
    So i would rather go for the niper , or dipsar for mpharmacy – so can you please help me , like how much marks in gpat examination required for the niper and dipsar.
    And if you can help me to get abroad in us, canada. It would be great .
    Seeking for a best reply
    Thank you
    Thanx a lot
    It’s like putting the stone out of my chest after asking you !

    • Hi Naman,

      My suggestion would be to start GPAT preparation from the 3rd year itself. I am not sure about the cut-off marks for NIPER or DIPSAR. But, you will need to be within the top 2 – 3 percentile.

      Regarding higher studies in abroad – first, you need to decide what you want to pursue – Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, or Pharmacology? Then you also need to decide what do you want to pursue as a profession – research & development, formulation development, or community pharmacy /.public health.

      I would suggest to going through the following links (article and videos):

      Hope this helps !

      • Thank you sir ,
        Another concern is that would coaching of gpat is necessary ? If yes, then can tou please reffer the best coaching for gpat in delhi?
        And for going abroad apart from the ielets exam, gre exam is required to qualified, is the syllbus of gre is different from gpat ?, and is the coaching of gre is also required?, if yes, from where and when the coaching of the gre should be taken ?
        Which all forms and which all formalities is required is really required to get for abroad studies for ms in pharmacology?( required a all step method because i have zero knowledge regarding this all).
        Act., sir i have some realtives over there in canada and usa , so i would be having some of the help from them also as compared in australia and newzealand.
        Other than that , i will be working in india only ,
        Only for the qualification i am preffering abroad .
        I am really happy and fortunate to have a career guiduer like you
        Thankyou so much

  15. Hi Tanmoy
    I did mpharma in pharmaceutics in 2012 , after that I had tried for job in QA/QC or production department but I didn’t get job there. After 6 month I got job in sales in Feb 2013 and till date I am working in sales but I didn’t find any good growth here. Till now my package is 3 lacs/ annum and this job is also not respectful. I am looking for different career , please suggest something to me.
    Thanking you
    Vishal singh

  16. Hie sir,i m milan dajjuka, right now i am in final yr B. PHARM. my gre is scheduled and not yet decided with which masters should i persue…i need quiet information about job opportunities and salary too in INDIA after persuing a degree in MS from abrod…i wil plan to take experiance of about 3-4 yr from USA but after that what about jobs in INDIA…

  17. Hello sir,
    I have recently completed my bpharm and I am looking forward to apply for licensure in Canada(pebc). I have scored 6.5 in ielts and got admission in diploma pharmacy technician. I am confused, I should rather opt for ms in pharmacology or pharmaceutical science in a university in canada or continue with diploma PT?. Doing masters in canada is a safer option or should i do diploma for pebc?Need your suggestion.

    • Hi Nilesh,
      If you are interested in community pharmacy and healthcare management – go for the Diploma – PEBC route. If you are interested in research or other industrial positions, go for MS in Pharmacology or Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  18. sir i want to after the degree go to industrial training in some field like production , packaging ets . and in future i want to start a small business in the pharmacy sector bat i am still vary confusing to my study and carrier also i am hope your suggestion are really help me so that sir please suggest me i am waiting for your valuable suggestion.

  19. Hi Shikha,

    Industrial training will be a good option. But, I would also suggest being in a job as a full-time employee for few year. That would be really helpful for you in future (starting your own business). You can also think about MBA before launching your own business.

    Hope this helps !

  20. Hi Tanmoy,
    Myself Srijesh, M.Pharm (Phar Chem) working experience of around 7 years in Analytical R&D in a reputed MNC, earning around 8 lac/year, is looking for a change in stream or line of work (for eg like a management course or degree). pls tell me if it will be good to change at this juncture of my career and if it is so what are the future prospects for me in this line.

    • Hi Srijesh,

      You can certainly think about a career change at this stage. Depending on your skill set and interest, you can go for Market Research, Management Consulting, Healthcare Informatics, Scientific Journalism, Product Management.
      Hope this helps!

  21. Sir,
    I have completed my grauation in pharmacy last yr. now m working as medical representative in lupin ltd.
    I want to move abroad for masters in pharmacology.
    Please guide me which country and wat career options i have.

  22. Hi Neeraj,

    You can choose countries like US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Canada. Each and every country has got its own pros and cons. Choosing the right country will depend on your academic profile, career plans, budget and willingness to appear for GRE.
    Feel free to write should you have further queries.

  23. Respected Sir, I am looking for a job as a hospital pharmacist in either Canada or Australia or New Zealand.I have qualified IELTS academic test about a month back.I want consultancy regarding what further steps should i take in redefining my job search. I have sufficient job experience in India. What steos are required for a pharmacist registration in Canada or Australia and what payscale is offered for a hospital pharmacist abroad.

  24. sir,
    iam lavanya doing mpharm 2nd year pharmaceutics department now am in project work and it is going to complete on 2017 jan,
    kindly suggest me how to start my carrier in pharmaceutical company, and what are the strategies i have to follow, what are the job oppurtunities.
    i need ur suggestion sir

    • Hi Lavanya,

      To get started, networking and keeping a CV ready would be crucial. In the pharmaceutical sector, jobs through networking and internal sources are very common. I haven’t got an exact figure. But, what I have heard from my batch-mates and seniors – almost 80% of the vacancies get filled up through referrals.

      Get in touch with your seniors and batch-mates as soon as possible. Do your own research on the pharma companies as well. I would also suggest you to be open regaridng relocations (unless you are not too keen). Do refer to the following article as well (you will get a good idea about job hunting):

      Good Luck!!!

  25. Hello Sir,
    My name is Nimrah and I am a Pharm D graduate. I intend to to clear the PEBC license exam of Canada. Writing the exam on visit exam is next to impossible. So, I took an admission in a diploma program i.e Community Pharmacy Assistant. I need help preparing the Statement of purpose. I need to show in that letter that this program isn’t available in india and the practical methods which i will be learning in the program will be an add on to my degree and will help me get a good paying job and function well in both community pharmacies and hospital pharmacies I am just not able to pen down points for the points
    Is there a way to get in contact with you through Email i will let you know the subjects which i will be taking in this program,
    I’ll be grateful if you can help me out.

  26. Hello Tanmoy Ray,

    I would lie to know a small conclusion,
    I have completed my graduation in Pharmacy.(B.Pharmacy) and after b.pharm i joined in M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Technology and 1st year 1st semester also completed but i want change and i would like to do as Human Anatomy and Physiology Professor, so is there any possible chances to do please let me inform.

    Thanks and Regards,
    G. Suresh Kumar

  27. hey there Tanmoy Ray ! its quite an informative post ! care to answer a query 🙂 ? i’m a b.pharm grad/may,2016………..i would like to portrait myself as a successful entrepreneur a few years down the line……it would be of great help if you could just help me with a masters degree suggestion which will bring me closer to my goal. i’ll be eagerly waiting for your response ! thanks ! 🙂

  28. Hi tannoy ray. M currently in my final year. M confused about my career. I want to go abroad. M a average student. Can you help me. What kind of courses should I think about to go abroad. And also can you help me with deciding on MBA o m.pharm.. m pretty confused

  29. Hi Neha,
    The Biomedical or Pharmaceutical domain is very broad. The area of Master specialization would depend on the area on which you want to build up your startup around.
    However, with the current scenario in India, diagnostics, e-healthcare, healthcare informatics etc. are good verticals. So, you can do your Masters (I would also advise PhD or MBA after that if you are quite serious about entrepreneurship) in the fields of Healthcare Informatics, Bio-Statistics, Medical Diagnostics, Protein Chemistry, or Analytical Chemistry.
    Please get back to me if you want to discuss in details.

  30. hi sir,
    I am half way through my PHARMD internship and stucked and confused about the next step. I would love to work as a clinical pharmacist but so far, the government (State and Centre), had not created a cadre for clinical pharmacists here in India,i am scared of being jobless. Could you please give any suggestions or would it be a better option to do any masters abroad???

  31. HELLO SIR,
    I Stuti Shrivastava from Jabalpur (M.P) India. SIR I have done my PG/M.Phil in Biochemistry right now m pursuing Ph.d , Sir Plz tell me any entrance exam or any job oppurtunities in aboard ,which can help me to bright n my career .

  32. I am mpharm currently in teaching profession age 29 can i go for shift to beging my carrer as a medical representative after 2 yr will any mnc can hire me

    • Hi Dinesh,

      The job of Medical Representative is an out-and-out field job. As far as I know, most of the pharma companies have age limits (25, 26 or 27). At 29, it might be little tricky for you. You can go for some other marketing role (say in PMT or Digital Marketing). An MBA degree or some online courses can be very handy.

  33. Hello sir… I am Madhuri. I’m a m.pharm graduate with pharmaceutical technology as my specialisation. Pls can u suggest me any certification courses in abroad for getting a job there… Do I need to clear gre or tofle for doing certification course? Previously ( after my b.pharm ) I worked as a pharmacist. Will tat experience be considered for job in abroad. Can u pls suggest me da possible job oppourtunities for pharmacy in US ( Califonia)

    • Hi Madhuri,
      Sorry, I can’t help in this case. The best possible way (I know) is to do a full-fledged degree course in abroad, and then look for jobs there.

  34. Hello I am Raviteja and I am pursuing in pharmacology decipline and I want to choose pharmacovigilance career after completion of m.pharm and I am also looking forward for the PhD in Germany so what do you suggest me to do
    Hoping for best reply

    • Hi Raviteja,
      Pharmacovigilance is a great option for students who are specializing in Pharmacology. In fact, there are better opportunities (number of jobs and salary structures) in Pharmacovigilance in India than core R&D. With 2 years of experience, you can reach a figure of 8 – 10 Lacs per annum in India.
      I am not sure if you are in your 1st year or 2nd year of M.Pharm. If possible, think about the 1-year part-time course in Pharmacovigilance from ICRI. You can also consider doing a summer internship with a pharmaceutical company.
      Regarding PhD, please refer to my previous article (mentioned in the post above). If you are really interested in research, then do follow the PhD path. But, I won’t recommend the PhD path for Pharmacovigilance professionals. Certification courses and/or MBA could be more productive for career progression. But, that’s completely up to your interests and career goals.
      Good Luck!

  35. i am done with my b pharmacy(2016 may) and at present working as (junior research analyst) in gvk bioinformatics since 8 months (2017)
    i am planning to join m pharmacy(pharmaceutics) in jss university, mysore.
    but i am very much confused about my salary package… many of my friends are not happy with m pharm salary package.
    if i complete my phd in ceutics.. do i have chance of getting best salary like 30-40,000(starting) as professor, after i complete my full time phd in jss university.
    or should i take any government job as a option after my m pharm…if yes, what are those govt jobs related to pharma.
    plz suggest me ASAP.

    • Hi Patel,
      If you join a decent college as a Lecturer or Assistant Professor, you can earn in the range of 22K to 35K per month. You do not necessarily need a PhD degree. JSS is a good college and quite reputed. If you get an M.Pharm degree from JSS along with good grades and recommendation, I don’t think you should worry too much.
      With a PhD in Pharmaceutics, you can earn more (35K – 55K in the starting). But, don’t go for PhD just for the sake of earning big money. That will backfire in every possible way.
      It’s not always a wise thing to compare the salary and satisfaction with your peers.

      • Hellow Tanmoy Roy
        Myself Nidhi
        I have completed my Master in pharmacy ( Quality Assurance Techniques) from Pune University.
        Recently joined as Qa officer in medical device company.
        I want to know if I go Canada for further studies
        say for.example a course of post graduate in QA and RA in Canada , what are scope after completing course and Is my Master’s degree from India considerable during job hunting for Canadian indus????
        Please suggest me
        Looking forward for ur reply

        • Hi Nidhi,

          It seems that you want to do a PG Diploma program from Canada only to get employed in Canada. There is no harm in it. The majority of study abroad students want to take up employment in the foreign country after finishing studies. But, since you have already got a Masters degree under your belt, getting a second PG degree (in similar kind of subject) from Canada could be tricky. Several students try to take this route for entering Canada, New Zealand and Australia. You might get an offer for PG Diploma program. But, getting the Study Visa might be problem. The immigration officer will figure out that you want to study in Canada only for the sake of doing a job after your program. A PG Diploma after Masters is like you are looking at to do Class 11 after finishing Class 12.

          My suggestion would be – go for a Masters (MS) program from a top tier university. Try to justify that you want to do a program for your career advancement. Try not to go for a PG-Diploma or MS program in QA/RA. Think about another program that can really help your career progression.

          I could be wrong. So, do speak to other people; but avoid the dodgy agents. There are several cases where agents take advantage of this kind of cases.

          Good Luck!

  36. Hello sir,
    I completed b.pharm, give me suggestions which course is better among in regulatory affair specialist and clinical research…..?
    In India and abroad…!
    Pls tell…!

    • Hi Irfan,
      It totally depends on your interests and career goals. Both subjects have got good prospects in India and abroad. You could consider doing a Masters in Clinical Research, and a PG Diploma (correspondence) in Regulatory Affairs or Pharmacovigilance. You will get good value out that route.

  37. Hi Tanmoy,
    I have completed my B.Pharm in 2016 and currently working in an insurance company in claims department in India. I want to know that if after an year’s experience in insurance I go to the US to study pharmacoeconomics will it be an added advantage for me as Insurance plays an important role in the US and drug prices need to be justified to insurance companies?

  38. Hi Tanmoy Ray,
    I am sandeep, I have done M. Pharmacy in Pharmacology. I want to know, masters in public health or masters in health management in USA is only for the pharm d graduates or I can also apply for this course, and also I want to know that, is their any requirement of pharmacist work experience to apply for the pharmacist exams of USA or Canada. And if I took experience in research and development then is their any scope to work in USA or Canada with handsome salary.Or suggest me any other field where I use my Pharmacology knowledge with great salary package. Please reply sir.

    • Hi Sandeep,
      You are certainly eligible for MS in Public Health or Health Management. Both Pharm.D. and M.Pharm graduates can pursue those programs. GRE and TOEFL (or IELTS) scores will be required as well.
      There is no work experience requirement for pharmacist exams in USA or Canada. Yo just need to have a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm or Pharm.D.).
      In research line, MS/PhD is the best route in USA/Canada.

  39. Hello sir..
    I have done MSc chemistry from punjabi university patiala and i have working in DSMSinochempharmaceutical as a shift incharge i have one and half year experience in API bulk drug like atrovastatina rosuvastatins but i have to move in formation plant..then what i can do.. for moving in formation plant.and also which type of course bettee for my future….

  40. Hi sir I am doing masters in process chemistry from NIPER MOHALI and I want to know what will be the scope for me in abroad for job and specially which country. I will be completed my masters in June 2017

  41. Hi i have done msc in bioanalytical sciences nd currently i am working in pharma company but i want to go for pg courses in canada. So please guide me to chose a proper course and career.

  42. Hello
    I am m pharm final yr student.
    was interested in sales n marketing.
    After mpharm will i get advantage of it in promotions. Am all good at communication skills. How much time it will take for me to get promoted.If i work with full effort will i get promotions faster or not. I dont want to settle for a less. It will not be sufficient to run my family expenses in less than 35k basic pay now.The reason of entering in to marketing is also dat i can work part time also because only i need is to fullfill my family needs as i will be the only earner.
    Please suggest me some highest paying options acc. to you except complete reserch n clinical trials line.

    my friend having air 550 in gpat working for a 22k job this is the current scenario.
    Please provide ur precious suggestion to
    get best job.

    • Hi Mayur,
      In sales and marketing, you need to have 3 – 5 years of field experience before moving to PMT. An MBA (preferably with Marketing specialization) can also help you to reduce that time period. If you are doing your M.Pharm in Pharmacology, use it to your advantage. Networking is also crucial. There are lot of options. You just need to be aggressive and creative at the same time.
      Feel free to ask if you have got further queries.

  43. Sir.. One more question. Can you please say the fee structure on studying pharma mba in Canada by GMAT.
    I expect your reply soon. Sir

  44. hello sir,
    I am a 4th year student, pursueing B.Tech +M.Tech in biotechnology , a 5 year integrated course.
    From the very beginning, I was interested in human physiology and the interaction of drugs with the body, so, I thought of changing my discipline into pharmacology and toxicology and apply abroad accordingly, but, had a question in mind regarding the work, i.e, being a masters in pharmacology, in-vivo/ex-vivo/ animal studies important to do, like in your research or thereafter in your jobs, as I am being skeptical of performing in-vivo experiments and I love to work with animal cells, basically the cell cultures and different assays and also know about bioinformatics approaches regarding drug interactions, so, accordingly please suggest, and if not pharmacology and toxicology , please suggest some other courses as well. Also, can you suggest some industries regarding it.
    it would be very kind and helpful by your reply.
    thanking you

    • Hi Jiya,
      I hope you are not going to quit your 5-year program.
      If you are interested in protein and in-vitro work, you could do MS or PhD in areas like Protein Biology, Peptide Therapeutics, Protein Biochemistry, Bioinformatics or Computational Biology.

  45. Hello Sir this is RAHUL GUPTA from Ghaziabad (DELHI) ,dear Sir I have done my B.pharm with 76% marks from AKTU university in 2016 ,so sir if I wanna a job in abroad countries So pls tell me sir what are the procedures which i should follow, please tell about this process ….
    dear sir what i should do to get a job in abroad

  46. Hello sir.
    I need a suggestion, recently I completed my pharma.D course and I want to settle in foreign country where a clinical pharmacist can get a good pay. Here problem is, as PEBC and all are available, I can’t afford. It’s expensive. I can’t give burden to my parents. So, give me suggestion. Is UK is good for clinical pharmacists..? Should I appear in any examination..! Or else, I have to get a one or two years of experience as a clinical pharmacist in India itself to move to UK for job..?

    Please suggest the best way to get settle.

    Thanking in advance.

  47. Sir.. I just completed my b.pharm with 55% 2017.. And have cleared the gate exam too. So what are the furture career options for me.. If i choose M.pharma then what are the different specialisation for which i can apply? And are there nits or nipers which give addmission with this low percentage but considers gate only. I am very confused.. Plz help

    • Hi Anshul,
      It completely depends on your interests. Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry are more popular in India. They provide more job opportunities in industry. If you are interested in research, Pharmacology or Medicinal Chemistry could be better.


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