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10 Unwritten merchant navy rules for seafarers sailing for the first time

What to include in the checklist before joining your first shipThere is a list. A list of treasured ‘Primeros’ – the firsts. Everybody has one. For example- A new born child’s first is his ‘cry’. A woman first’s child bestows her with motherhood. An Olympian cherishes his first gold – First love, First job, first wife (hopefully last too) and more. There are plenty of them. I intend to concentrate on the ‘job’ part. A seafarer’s job.

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Life on board a Merchant Navy ship: With the benefits, come the risks

Life on board Merchant Navy ship: Benefits and risks

If one has a bucket list, sailing on a merchant ship should be on it. It gives you the perspective of what is it like to witness the spectacular grandeur of 3/4th of our planet in a ship’s setting. The experience is very humbling.

Whether it is treating your eyes to the most beautiful dawn and dusk over an open horizon or counting the diamonds spread on the ocean on a full moon night, the sound of ship’s hull sliding through the salt water or the soft rumbling of 4-storey engine heard on main deck. The list goes on.

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Merchant Navy problems: Life of a Marine Engineer

“Who wants a cynic who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”, I proudly landed Oscar Wilde to my friend’s face. His eyes dilated, seemingly in disbelief that I will frost philosophy over logic. We are childhood chums, did schooling together, graduated together and got employed in shipping sector together and have … Read more