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About Careerizma

About Careerizma

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Careerizma? Why should I join?

As a professional with several years of experience, you are good at what you do.

Says who?

Certainly not your boss, who might downplay it for salary increment or political reasons. Or your HR department – for the fear of placing you over a pedestal and alienating other employees. Or your colleagues – who are competing with you for that promotion.

Where’s the evidence of your expertise? Who knows about your skills? Who’s helping you build your professional brand?

There’s a huge world of opportunities out there waiting to appreciate your skills. But within the bigger community that matters (outside your current company) no one is aware of what you can bring to the table.

Careerizma is a platform that allows you to measure, grow and build credibility for your professional brand on a global scale.

But I’m already active on other career related sites?

Think about how you’ve been using those sites that offer jobs and professional networking opportunities. Apart from the online resume that they host, if you aren’t already a superstar ‘thought-leader’ with a huge following, you are pretty much lost in the crowd.

Also, think about the number of friends/contacts you have on those sites. After you’ve accepted their connection requests, how many of them have actively helped or promoted you?

Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook allow users to post long-form articles. But the reach of these articles is very limited. For commercial reasons, the algorithm used by such sites restrict the number of views to a small fraction, even within your own list of connections/followers.

For instance, if you have a 1000 connections, you article may get views in only double-digits (under 100). The hosting sites expect you to pay and promote your articles to a bigger audience, including your contacts! Check out the views on your own blog posts (if you have written any) on such sites to see if that’s true.

Careerizma is a primarily a skills-oriented, professional brand building site. The main focus for us is to showcase your expertise and enhance your online visibility.

We aren’t trying to replace the other sites. Your bigger networks on the other sites would, in fact, be a great way to promote your Careerizma content.

Use Careerizma as your primary content repository and the other sites as your promotional channels. Consider it as an additional tool in your professional arsenal.

How does Careerizma work?

Unlike other sites where you can finish your profile page in a few seconds, your Careerizma profile can take weeks, months or even years to build. A flash in the pan approach won’t help.

You’ll spend time on Careerizma doing 3 basic things.
Step 1: Profile

This is the simplest part. From the wide range of skills you possess, you’ll choose a handful that you’d like to promote. However, without the next 2 steps, your profile page will have a barebones look. So, don’t go overboard in adding skills on Day 1. Start with one or two skills. You can always come back and add new ones.
Step 2: Produce

Your ultimate goal would be to build a knowledge-base focused on your selected area of expertise. Start off by writing detailed and well-articulated articles on professional topics that you’ve listed in the previous step.

These could be educational (technical How-To articles), exploratory (analyzing new developments in the area) or experience-based (how you solved complex problems and lesson learnt).
Step 3: Promote

Share the articles on your existing social & professional networks. We’ll do our bit in promoting it among the relevant communities as well.

The biggest win for you would be to go beyond your existing networks and gain organic views from search engines. That’ll expose your skills to a whole new audience.

We’ll share tips, ideas and little secrets on how to do that once you register.

How long will it be before I see visible results?

Starting off on Careerizma is pretty easy. Gaining traction and sustaining it is the difficult part. We suspect many will start enthusiastically and then lose steam midway.

The real rewards are meant for those to those who can sustain their commitment levels and keep investing in themselves. Over time you’ll be able to see how far you’ve progressed.

It’s pretty much like joining a gym. We’ll provide you with the equipment. But you’ll have to do the heavy lifting on your own.

It may take a few week, months or years depending on how dedicated you are to the cause of self-improvement and self-promotion.

What Careerizma users are saying


Within a month, I started getting freelance writing assignments

Rakhi AcharyyaRakhi Acharyya | Freelance Writer

“I stumbled upon Careerizma, by accident, as I was looking for a way to diversify my career. Having been a physicist and a technical person for the entirety of my adult life, I was quite unaware of how to unleash my creativity.

Careerizma encouraged me to explore my latent talent and author posts for them. Pretty soon, my articles started getting recognition online and I realized I had created my very own brand name.

Within a month, I started getting freelance writing assignments from an online shopping website. Another few months later, my posts, shared over LinkedIn, got picked up by recruiters interested in hiring writers for website content development. It has now been about 8 months, with Careerizma, and I am already a full-on blogger and writer.

It is a great boost to be featured as an author here. What makes it really special though is the behind-the scenes expertise that guides you from being a novice to a somebody in the world of online blogging. For me it has been an amazing channel of self expression. Delighted to be on Careerizma!”

Helped me reach a bigger, diverse audience beyond my connections on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter

Tanmoy RayTanmoy Ray | Education Consultant

“The experience of writing on Careerizma for over a year has been absolutely overwhelming. Careerizma not only helped me to reach a bigger and more diverse audience online, it also improved my professional and personal branding.

I received tremendous response and engagement on all of posts. Literally all my posts reached the maximum number of comments, and are also performing well on search engine results. Consequently, this also helped me to get connected with more people on other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

With my research background. I possess a sound knowledge on education, skills and career scope of Applied Biology. But, I am not a writer; neither a SEO nor a digital marketing expert. So, the success (number of post views and comments) would not have been successful if I was not writing on Careerizma.”

Within days, I was ranking in the top 5 search results

Sindhu KeshavamurthySindhu Keshavamurthy | Entrepreneur

“I feel honoured to be an author on Careerizma. Being one of the top career blogs in the country, Careerizma is a great platform to reach out, and also enables me to build my own personal brand. I can vouch for this because within days of my first article going live, I was already ranking in the top 5 in search results for my name through my articles on Careerizma.

As a blogger, I know the kind of support I receive from Careerizma, technical or otherwise, makes it simpler for me to become a better voice and impact people’s lives. Kudos to Careerizma and their team!”

My article was selected for a class assignment in Azim Premji University

Yasmeen HossainYasmeen Hossain | Teacher

“My Careerizma posts surpassed similar articles from major sites like, Wikipedia, Monster etc and attracted an explosive number of comments.

The crème de la crème moment came this year when my second article was selected by a professor from Azim Premji University as a subject for class discussion. Her students had to write a review assignment on my article. Apart from attention my articles got, I also came into the limelight as a writer.

Within one year of my association with Careerizma, I could taste the fruits of my labour. It helped me connect with new people, personally and professionally. All thanks to Careerizma to help my voice reach out to many aspiring teachers.”

I’m ready for the ride. How do I join?

For now, registration is by invitation only.

While we’d like more folks to join the party, we also want to keep it keep our existing members happy and give them the experience that’s kept them actively engaged in our little community.

You can request for an invite by submitting the details suggested in this article written by the founder of Careerizma: How to build & improve your career.

Convince us that you are serious about building an online brand for yourself.

What you do (or don’t) on the site impacts our credibility too. Or it might simply be a case of incompatibility & expectation mismatch. So, don’t take it personally if your application isn’t accepted.

Hope to have you on-board soon!