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Free Online Career Tests, Quiz, Games

Free Online Career Tests, Quizzes & Games

Career Graph Evaluation Tool, Global Warming Game



oo much theory is off-putting. Which is why we’ve tried to create a few free online games and tools that’ll help you roll up your sleeves and burn some calories. Well, at least relatively more calories than just passive reading. Try these out and let us know if you liked them.

Career Test

Wondering which career to take up? Or whether you’re stuck in the wrong career? You’re not alone. The world is filled with folks who don’t enjoy their work. They did not have a career guide when they started out.

But you are in a better position. We have a free career test that you can take online, to find out the best set of careers that suit your personality and interests.

Career Test

Career Graph

You’ve probably change many roles and jobs in your career. And you’ll continue to explore new opportunities in the coming years.

But do you know what those transitions have done to your career graph? Should you change your job again? What about the new opportunity you’ve been considering – will it be good for your career graph? Find out here:

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Career Graph

Footprint – The Global Warming Online Game

Global warming is real. And the only way to tackle it is by reducing our carbon footprint. However, not many are aware of the concept of what a carbon footprint means, and how to reduce it.

Footprint, our global warming online game is a simple and entertaining way to generate awareness about the biggest problem mankind has ever faced. Try it and help spread the word.

Play the Global Warming game online