Career Aptitude Test

Test Instructions

This test consists of some questions that you will have to rate on the basis of how much you would enjoy performing each on a scale of (1) strongly dislike (2) slightly dislike (3) neither like nor dislike (4) slightly enjoy (5) strongly enjoy. This test will help you choose a career path based on your personality type and your interests in a particular field or subject.

Make sure you answer ALL the questions.

Begin your Assessment

Dislike Neutral Enjoy
Test the quality of parts before shipment
Study the structure of the human body
Conduct a musical choir
Give career guidance to people
Sell restaurant franchises to individuals
Generate the monthly payroll checks for an office
Lay brick or tile
Study animal behavior
Direct a play
Do volunteer work at a non-profit organization
Sell merchandise at a department store
Inventory supplies using a hand-held computer
Work on an offshore oil-drilling rig
Do research on plants or animals
Design artwork for magazines
Help people who have problems with drugs or alcohol 
Manage the operations of a hotel
Use a computer program to generate customer bills
Assemble electronic parts
Develop a new medical treatment or procedure
Write a song
Teach an individual an exercise routine
Operate a beauty salon or barber shop
Maintain employee records
Operate a grinding machine in a factory
Conduct biological research
Write books or plays
Help people with family-related problems
Manage a department within a large company
Compute and record statistical and other numerical data
Fix a broken faucet
Study whales and other types of marine life
Play a musical instrument
Supervise the activities of children at a camp
Manage a clothing store
Operate a calculator
Assemble products in a factory
Work in a biology lab
Perform stunts for a movie or television show
Teach children how to read
Sell houses
Handle customers bank transactions
Install flooring in houses
Make a map of the bottom of an ocean
Design sets for plays
Help elderly people with their daily activities
Run a toy store
Keep shipping and receiving records